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Gear & Equipment (Stuff that helps us accomplish the mission)

Gear Review: Bootleg Adjustable Bolt Carrier

Function Like many options on the market today, the Bootleg carrier works to decrease the amount of gas being used to cycle the action.  When attaching a suppressor, for example, the added back-pressure can result in increased bolt speed, increased muzzle rise/recoil, and excess gas being vented into the shooter’s face (ask me how I… read more »

Pistol Malfunctions as a Part of the Functional Element of Control

  For Manual Monday, we are continuing our discussion on control and the pistol. Specifically, we will address malfunctions and how to handle them for the pistol. Learning all elements of the shot process for the pistol is vital, as the M17 will be fielded to elements of the 82nd within the near future. The M17 will also be… read more »

Fossil Friday: Knowledge is power; would you like to know more?

  For Fossil Friday, we are going to be dispelling a very harmful myth: that of over-reliance on technology when it comes to learning. This applies to anything, but specifically we will be addressing weapons mastery. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a luddite who thinks that iron sights are the only way to go…. read more »

Fossil/Force Mod Friday: It’s Time to let go of Your Magazine

For Fossil/Force Mod Friday, we have a concept that is outdated and needs to go: hanging onto magazines long past their expiration dates. Along with that, we have a new tool that will help in that process. The picture below illustrates what the authorized magazines are for use currently. If you have magazines that have a… read more »

Misunderstandings & Media

In order to make informed decisions we need accurate information. I’m not going to call the plumber if my car is having issues. I’m not going to ask random people on the street for financial advice. Why are people relying on mainstream media for gun information? There seem to be cheers from knowledgeable gun people… read more »

Focusing on the Tool is a Distraction

In the wake of the most recent school shooting two distinct groups formed (they already existed but their lines became more apparent). One side responds with a focus on the tool used in the shooting. Yes, they discuss other factors but the tool seems to be the easy focus. That response instigated a counter and… read more »

How to Check Feed Lip Width on Standard-Issue Magazines

As we mentioned in last week’s Force Mod/Fossil Friday post, there is a new Magazine Feed Lip Wear tool available for the standard-issue magazines for the M4A1. However, what are we to do if we don’t have access to it? For Walkthrough Wednesday, we answer that question. All it takes is the use of a… read more »

We Need To Make Murder Illegal.

OK I’m just thinking out loud here. -Murder is illegal. -Bad guy brings gun into school and kills people. -Law enforcement in the immediate area do not intervene. They allow additional killings to occur. -People that don’t understand firearms are trying to regulate them. -Those same people also do not understand the difference between law… read more »


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