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P&S 139 – Gun Nerds 13: Improving The AR15

The panel discusses the AR15 advancements and issues. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Jordan Bowles Ash Hess Chad Mercer Tom Victa Roger Wang Episode sponsors: Faxon Firearms – Our Patreon can be found here: Primary & Secondary: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Complete Audio Podcasts: IHeartRadio: Spreaker (Live Streaming): iTunes: Google: Stitcher: Intro music by American Hitmen – Killing… read more »

Fossil Friday: One Record Fire Attempt to Rule Them All

  For Fossil Friday, we are going to be discussing an idea whose obsolescence is due: Multiple attempts to qualify with a weapons system. The reference for this discussion is Division Pamphlet 600-2, and the 82nd enduring range trending reports. When soldiers take an Army Physical Fitness Test for record, they get one attempt. If… read more »

200 Year Old Mechanisms

What we are witnessing is us losing. What we need to understand is: Why have the actions we have been taking failed? What we need to do is stop taking those actions, and implement and execute a new plan.   The old white guys way of doing things is not working, and it has not… read more »

P&S ModCast 138 – Path To Our Rights

Primary & Secondary ModCast The panel discusses the Bill of Rights and events leading up to it. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Ash Hess Cy Hudson Mike Lewis Episode sponsors: Faxon Firearms – Our Patreon can be found here: Primary & Secondary: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Complete Audio Podcasts: IHeartRadio: Spreaker… read more »

Movement with a Pistol

  For Manual Monday, we are beginning our discussion on movement and the pistol. Specifically, we will address what the various movement techniques are for the pistol. Learning all elements of the shot process for the pistol is vital, as the M17 will be fielded to elements of the 82nd within the near future. The… read more »

Is a U.S. Gun Ban Possible?

As of the date of this writing, March 8th, 2018, owing to a confluence of political factors in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre on October 1st, 2017, and the recent school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, our 2nd Amendment-guaranteed freedoms to keep and bear arms are greatly imperiled…. read more »

P&S ModCast 137 – Travel & Security

Primary & Secondary ModCast The panel discusses aspects of security while travelling inside and outside the United States. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Aaron Jose Gordon Lee Gullett Chris Henderson Deviant Ollam Episode sponsors: Faxon Firearms Our Patreon page can be found here. Primary & Secondary: YouTube Website Facebook Complete Audio Podcasts: IHeartRadio Spreaker (Live Streaming) iTunes… read more »

High Prone Supported Position

For Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Thursday, we’re going to be continuing our discussion about how to set up your standard-issue sling to provide more support. Many Paratroopers do not know how to use the sling to provide a stable firing platform. This is important, as the unsupported positions are generally where our Paratroopers have the… read more »

Gear Review: Bootleg Adjustable Bolt Carrier

Function Like many options on the market today, the Bootleg carrier works to decrease the amount of gas being used to cycle the action.  When attaching a suppressor, for example, the added back-pressure can result in increased bolt speed, increased muzzle rise/recoil, and excess gas being vented into the shooter’s face (ask me how I… read more »


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