How to Select More Proven and Supported Options

I have a bit of advice. If you are looking for a reliable/dependable option for defensive purposes, look at the options that are in use with people who legitimately train frequently. A more simple means of finding suitable options is to see what is issued in law enforcement on a large scale. Going with the latter method provides greater limitations on your selection pool though.

How are those who train providing an accurate litmus to assist you in a better selection process? They are actually using their equipment more frequently and harder than those more casual with ownership. High round counts in a condensed time frame accelerates wear on firearms. Lesser options do not fare well in these conditions and schedules.

When you consider the options that are not in frequent use by those who train, you risk selecting something that does not have needed support. Consider top brands which have considerable usable aftermarket support and leading holster compatibility- XD (for example) falls quite short in these categories.

Basically, trends in what actually works help dictate its own support. Obviously there are outliers going in either direction. The bottom line is don’t buy a random object that isn’t in use with any larger demographic and expect to find good usable support.

Don’t be swayed by what some think is cool. Don’t try to emulate your favorite movie or video game character. Use some rational thought with this process and apply critical thinking. Otherwise you are just investing in bad ideas.


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