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Ban Sports Cars

The government’s role is not to babysit, manage, or rule our lives. The minute they put themselves in a class above the citizenry, they no longer were seeking what is best for the people- they don’t represent us. They are supposed to represent the people, not tell the people what they think is best according… read more »

Bivouac and field routines

Bivouac As exposure to a cold environment over time itself will affect combat readiness, making sure that your people get a good rest is important. A key factor here is setting up your bivouac in a way that facilitates this. The cold does present some challenges that we do not see in the warmer seasons,… read more »

Clothing and how to dress correctly for cold weather operations

“Those who sweat will die” – old Eskimo saying. Having proper clothing for cold weather is an important pre-requisite for conducting cold weather operations. Understanding why we dress how we do, and how to dress correctly, is equally as important. Before we go into detail, we need to cover some principles at work. There is… read more »

Cold Weather Operations

**This is a primer for a series covering some concepts involved in cold weather operations.** Working in a cold weather environment will have a significant effect on operations, affecting everything from training, TTP’s, equipment, planning and logistics. We can find several examples throughout history where people failed to take this into account and suffered accordingly…. read more »

Fight the Narrative

Misinformation is easily spread about people who are concerned about rights- gun rights especially. The opposition to these rights can say about anything they want because they control the narrative. They can make up outlandish stories to paint progun people as violent zealots. There are no repercussions to it. I don’t know anyone who participated… read more »

Unity Tactical FAST Mount

As more and more people realize that the phrase “there is nothing new under the sun” also applies to shooting techniques, tactics, and equipment, presenting yourself as one of the ‘early adopters’ of one of these things has become the new “in vogue” thing to do. “No, I’m not just jumping on the 2011 bandwagon,… read more »

Not John Wick

There is a pervasive idea that seems to thrive with the gun owner demographic who think mere ownership equals mastery. These are the same people who are easily influenced by deceptive marketing because they do not have the means of seeing what is a good or bad idea on their own. They dismiss good quality… read more »

21 Foot Bubble Of Death

To anyone who thinks the ability to put accurate shots on target at distances beyond 15 yards is silly, let us discuss the application of deadly force against humans and how accuracy is important. There are only couple areas on a human body that when struck by effective gunfire will produce the needed/desired results. Not… read more »

Howdy All

Greetings Primary and Secondary. As some of you may have noticed, and probably enjoyed, I took a hiatus from posting here. I have been building Quantified Performance, LLC. This has soaked up most of my free time and even harder to find than time is things to say. As the company built, matches were conducted,… read more »

It is not the Odds, but the Stakes

There is a sad movement of firearms owners who strive for the absolute minimum. “Three rounds, at three yards, in three seconds” is a popular misguided stat. Too many people think this is a standard for which to strive. What is fun about stats are the averages and the important outliers. I personally cannot predict… read more »


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