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P&S 155 – Incorporating EDC Into Competition

Primary & Secondary PodCast To continue our discussion (from P&S 154) on refining our abilities through competition and refining our competition through our practice we will discuss incorporating aspects of EDC into competition. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Jon Dufresne Chuck Haggard Scott Jedlinski Les Kismartoni Gabe White Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

Tim Herron Class AAR

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take a two day pistol class with Tim Herron. Especially since Tim is a newer instructor, I wanted to take the opportunity to write up an AAR for others looking to train with Tim. Location: Lee-Kay Center in Salt Lake City Class Make-up. We had a total of… read more »

P&S 154 – The Road To Grand Master

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses aspects of reaching Grand Master rank in shooting competitions. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Alma Cole Tim Herron Scott Jedlinski Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

P&S Modcast 153 – Precision Basics

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses basic concepts of precision shooting. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: John Brady Alex Hartman Rick Labistre Matt Meckley Tarrol Walker Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

Review: Liberty Hill Tactical, LLC LHT4 Carbine

I received a Liberty Hill Tactical (LHT) LHTM4 carbine from Russell Allen a year ago for an extended test and evaluation. I wanted to get this review done and out there sooner than I have, and for that I have apologized to Russell. Moving a bit slower has allowed me to run it in almost… read more »

P&S 152 – Pistol Caliber Carbines

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses the dreaded pistol caliber carbine. In/Outs, good/bad, various models, everything in between. Host: Lee Gullett Panel: Tim Chandler Ash Hess Matt Landfair Sean Manix David Simerly Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

P&S 151 – Nylon Design

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses aspects of nylon gear. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Mick Brown – Packs & Beyond Stefan Melander – Varusteleka Darin Talbot – Extreme Gear Labs Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms – Our Patreon can be found here: Primary & Secondary: Vimeo: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Complete Audio Podcasts: IHeartRadio: Spreaker… read more »

P&S ModCast 150: Open Mic June 2018

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses random stuff in a completely old school unstructured format. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Jordan Bowles Steve Fisher Ash Hess Rick Labistre Jack Lewis Matt Meckley Adam Pini Tim Shaffer David Simerly Buck Thomas Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –

P&S 149 – Network Security

Primary & Secondary PodCast The panel discusses computer and network security. Host: Matt Landfair Panel: Jonathan Choate Lee Gullett Thad Kuntz Episode sponsor: Faxon Firearms –


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