Addressing Violence

It’s time to hold people accountable for their actions and not the innocent law abiding citizens who have not done wrong.

We have three main sources of violence:

-Criminal action

-Political/religious extremist action

-Mental illness which creates violent/aggressive behavior

We have laws covering about every issue imaginable. More laws don’t stop criminals from breaking the law. We need follow through with what we have. The existing laws we have need enforcement and our judicial system needs to act in the best interests of the public. There are areas of the United States that have the most strict gun laws which happen to be far more violent than areas with few gun laws. Laws alone will not create a desired effect. Restricting firearms does not create a desired effect.

We have politicians pushing feel good laws that remove power and decision making from the people. Those politicians only work to line their own pockets- not to serve those they represent. Grandstanding and putting focus on surface level problems and not addressing the root makes blind followers happy. These efforts provide near zero positive change but they do put more money in the pockets of the politicians who pushed it. Hold them accountable for wasting our time, taking our money, and infringing on our rights.

No surface level programs, laws, restrictions, or logic will change the course of political or religious extremism. Turning soft targets into hard targets seem to be the only viable defense at the moment that I can think of.

As a veteran law enforcement officer of over twenty years, I have not seen enough government money spent and programs as well as resources provided for persons with mental health issues. These are citizens that deserve help – and in turn, that help can reduce the chances of violence occurring by these patients.

Want change? Stop wasting time and money on “solutions” that don’t change anything where only the politicians benefit. Start focusing on the actual root of the issue – people.

Hold our criminal justice system accountable. If you see judges and prosecutors slapping the hands of offenders and not providing needed sentencing for violent crimes, find better people for the job.

Start asking about mental health programs in your area. Find out what they actually provide and what they cover. If there isn’t a local program, find out why not.

Violence is not an issue that disappears with a surface level bandaid solution. We need to recognize and address the actual roots and sources of the issues and find realistic and viable solutions. This requires a long term effort and it will not, let me repeat, it will not solve 100% of all violence that occurs.

Inanimate objects are not the issue. People are the issue, and not the law abiding people.


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