Motivation and luck


By: Mike G.

Here is the reality, a motivated enough terrorist can find a way to perpetrate an attack that will not be able to be stopped except by sheer luck. You cannot write enough laws, field enough cops, restrict access to physical locations, etc to 100% prevent it. That being said we have been exceptionally lucky up to this point. One day the real deal is going to show up. The quiet guy who worked his unassuming job, lived a minimalist lifestyle, saved all his money to fund his plan, took OPSEC to it’s highest level, didn’t talk to anyone about his plan, tested his methods, concealed his research and comms, etc. That is the one that will make the harshest impact.

I am serious when I say this. Pick an attack and reverse engineer it until you are successful despite surveillance, laws, bans, etc. It isn’t that hard.

All we can do is be as prepared as possible to respond and mitigate the severity of the attack and push elected officials to make intelligent efforts to eliminate the ideology. Because we cannot legislate ourselves to 100% safety we must never passively accept legislation that reduces our ability to prepare and mount a response from the individual level up.

One of the places I used to work overseas had the following quote painted on the wall just inside the entrance for all to see: “Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once. You will have to be lucky always.” It was posed from the perspective of the terrorist and refers to a quote from the IRA to Margaret Thatcher during ‘the troubles’. It is a poignant reminder that the enemy is out there and always working against you.

Make your own luck and strive to be lucky everyday.



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