Mag-Pods For Gen 2 Pmags


I had been seeing these for some time and thought they were interesting. I also wondered and worried about whether they would stay on the magazines with rough use and potentially adding a snag hazard when conducting building clears. Shane Keng from Mag-Pod was kind enough to send me some to check out. I warned him in advance that if they sucked ass I would tell people that they were garbage. He confidently told me to do my duty, always a good sign.

I got six of them in April and have been using them pretty hard ever since. After six months they have been used in 130 hours of live fire training and another 150 hours of Force on Force training. I did not carry them on missions during the eval period, because real life is not the place to test gear. The training included the obligatory drops on concrete and other surfaces with full, partial and empty magazines. It also included unintentional smashes against a variety of hard things, door frames, Bearcats, walls, tables and furniture. Routine kinda smashing, not intentional smashing for the sake of destructive testing. Zero issues to report on the durability side, they stayed on the magazines like they’re supposed and did not break or crack. Hell they barely got scratched.


They are super easy to install unless you’re a six fingered spaz. Once on they do not add any noticeable weight, but they do increase overall size. This is good and bad. The good is that it gives you a little more sticking out of the PC to grab onto, both length and girth (Save it Jokers). So for regular jobs, this is a bonus. A downside could be if you were doing Dig-Pro or Plain Clothes work and wanted to covertly carry spare mags. They might print easier but I did not use them in that capacity so YMMV. Clothing choices would likely mitigate some of that. Right now they are only available for Gen 2 Pmags, but Gen 3 version will be out around March of 2017.


Its main purpose is to add stability when prone. This is done by providing a larger surface and a better angle to shoot rifles from off the magazine. In that capacity it works great. For the love of God, DO NOT reply to this saying that doing so causes malfunctions. The cleats really dig into soft surfaces and the rubber coating sticks them in place on slicker surfaces. Awesome sauce. A bipod obviously works better, but a bipod is way heavier, takes up way more space on the gun and creates a MUCH bigger snag hazard for interior work. In my case, I go from S&C to Assaulter all the time, so a bipod is a non-starter. When prone with a helmet, they give just a little more weapon height for neck relief, not a lot but I’ll take what I can get.

I beer can grip my magazines for reloads and the bigger overall signature makes this go just dandy. The cleats at the bottom are wide enough apart that I can fit my pinky in between and still use my technique, so in that regard I did not have to change anything in training other than getting used to something bigger in my hand. (I’m begging you, spare me you Dirty Birds)


In conclusion I will continue to use these since they add value when prone with very little downsides. They are cheap enough to add, but expensive enough that I won’t buy them for all my magazines, because I have a lot of magazines. I absolutely will NEVER use them to stand my rifle up on a shooting bench to take a picture, what the fuck is it, a ship in a bottle? It is a quality product and if you think it fills a niche for you, I would give them a thumbs-up.



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