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The Roland Special

Discussion in 'Notable Options' started by Riafdnal, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Chuck Haggard

    Chuck Haggard Agile/Training and Consulting Moderator

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  2. Default.mp3

    Default.mp3 Regular Member

    I would be quite interested in what you find. Also, does anyone have a lead on who makes a good 9mm comp threaded for 13.5×1 LH? I have some OEM P30L threaded barrels, and this seems much more useful than a pistol can...
  3. adam_s

    adam_s Regular Member

    Semi-Sidetrack: Doc, how do you like the Salient magwell on the G19? I'm a huge fan of the Sentinel G17 well, but the G19 version has remained vaporware...
  4. DocGKR

    DocGKR Dr.Ballistics Moderator

    The Salient mag wells work very well--unlike Salient the company, which has been less than pleasant to deal with...
  5. Tracer

    Tracer Amateur

    For anyone that has made a "Roland Special", is there difference on the base platform between a G19 or G19 gen 4?
  6. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    Roland's is a 3rd mine is 4th.
  7. ptrlcop

    ptrlcop Established

    How does this compare to a stock "c" model?
  8. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

  9. DocGKR

    DocGKR Dr.Ballistics Moderator

    We had some functional issues with the stock "C" models. The only issue with the KKM comp is if the small bolts on the comp come loose...
  10. regdudedrtyjob

    regdudedrtyjob Regular Member

    I may have missed it, but what are the "internal adjustments", if you can share?
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  11. Matt

    Matt Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You didn't miss anything, Riafdnal is playing "I got a secret" by dangling this blaster out in front of the world and not answering specific questions about it. ;) The most I have been able to get out of him is that a Ghost 3.5# connector is involved. I am thinking that is probably it though because there is not really much more to do to a Glock other than swapping a connector without fucking shit up.
  12. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

    mine has no internal adjustments. Roland's however as more and that's why I haven't commented. I was waiting for him to fill in the blanks
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  13. DocGKR

    DocGKR Dr.Ballistics Moderator

    I don't know anything about the Roland pistol, but ours have all Glock OEM internal parts and use a "-" connector. Obviously they have KKM barrels, VTAC/Salient mag wells, Taran Tactical mag base plates, suppressor height BIS, and the RMR06's added.
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  14. regdudedrtyjob

    regdudedrtyjob Regular Member

    10-4, even stock Glock triggers feel amazing to me after using the LEM trigger. I'm drooling thinking of having a RS in my work holster.
  15. Negaard

    Negaard Newbie

    I think I'm going to build a RS

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  16. Riafdnal

    Riafdnal Matt Six Actual Staff Member Administrator Moderator

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  17. Negaard

    Negaard Newbie


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  18. Negaard

    Negaard Newbie

    I just recently went to an rmr on my 17 and love it. I think it's time to upgrade the old 19

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  19. AT Armor

    AT Armor Moderator Staff Member Moderator Vendor

    @Riafdnal alright dammit...RMR06 I ordered today will be here shortly then it and one of my G19 slides is headed to @ATEi to get mated. Looking forward to giving this setup (well a somewhat similar one anyway) a shot. Based on what you recommended I am confident it will be well worth the trouble.
  20. Default.mp3

    Default.mp3 Regular Member

    Given that the compensator would probably make shooting from retention quite difficult, especially if using a thumb pectoral index, do most people think this set-up is viable for civilian self-defense? I get the feeling that while this set up would be quite awesome in the role envisioned by The Gunslinger, I'm not too sure about for us every day folk that aren't in his ka-tet, actively hunting armed opponents.

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