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The Roland Special

Discussion in 'Notable Options' started by Riafdnal, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. 2501

    2501 Newbie

    Why risk it when we know that KKM rocks? I've yet to be impressed with anything that zev puts out. Their target market seems to be people who think that they can buy their way to better shooting.

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  2. Matt

    Matt Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Internal mods, per Jon, consist of:

    Glock factory minus connector

    Polished striker safety

    Wolff striker safety spring

    Wolff (+ power) trigger spring

    Stock striker spring...always stock, only stock

    Light polish/beburr striker tab, contact surfaces on trigger bar and connector
  3. Matt

    Matt Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    To clarify: the Wolff striker safety spring is reduced power. Thanks, Jon.
  4. AsianJedi

    AsianJedi Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    My humble offering. Quite possibly the first long video of the RS in the wild.

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  5. DocGKR

    DocGKR Dr.Ballistics Moderator

    While we have not tried them, unlike Salient, Zev has actually built some guns and provided parts for some serious end users.
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  6. ptrlcop

    ptrlcop Established

    That black dude in the back seemed impressed...
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  7. AT Armor

    AT Armor Moderator Staff Member Moderator Vendor

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  8. TomF

    TomF Member

    Somewhat on topic:

    I'm looking for a 9mm comp for 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel. The thinner the better. My understanding is the KKM is threaded for a different pitch.

    It's for a game gun, but I don't own anything I would hesitate to use for real. Any suggestions?
  9. Tracer

    Tracer Amateur

    A question I have about the Gunslinger Special. I have funds to get the G19 to start on the setup. 2 questions though: 1) Is there an order that the mods need to be done to the pistol (ie: internals and slide milling before installing the barrel and comp) and also 2) If I can't purchase all of the mods that the GS may have, what difference do the internals do for it (if I can afford minimal internal mods, what should the focus be, without watering down the Gunslinger Special and degrading capability)?
  10. Jon C

    Jon C Bo staff skills Moderator

    One day when everyone gets their guns I will tell the true and hilarious story of how this gun came to life, and it's near death experience while stuffed in a laptop case.
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  11. adam_s

    adam_s Regular Member

    I'm not running the Gunslinger Special, but, I'd suggest taking a look at the Make your Stock Glock Rock thread ( ).

    The only internal mods I've made to my Glocks have been a Minus connector, and the flat face G17 trigger (for my G19's). I've also added in a Vicker's Slide Stop, and Mag Release...but to me those fall into the external mods category. Total outlay would be under $100 if memory serves.
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  12. Matt

    Matt Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I will add my initial impressions to the thread and say that after a few hundred rounds I have found this to quickly be the easiest pistol I have to shoot well. A lot of people say "Indian, not the arrow" and they are right -- but the truth is that a pistol like this with the comp, RMR, and internal mods gives you a wider margin of error to operate within and still be able to do well because the effort required to get decent results drops slightly compared to a stock G19. The only issues I have encountered so far is that with the comp on the barrel slow moving (900 fps avg) 147gr ammo was not 100% reliable because I got some FTFs as a result of the ammo not having enough ass to fully cycle the slide. Everything moving faster than 1000 FPS though has been perfect out of this gun.

    EDIT: after more time with the pistol it has proven to be 100% with all ammo when properly lubed. It only seems to choke on standard pressure 147gr ammo when dry and dirty.

    Just some initial impressions from a low speed, moderate drag nobody. Here is a picture:

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  13. Lobsterclaw207

    Lobsterclaw207 Regular Member

    Are you just flaunting that RMR'd Shield in the background or WHAT? :cool:
  14. Matt

    Matt Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    @Lobsterclaw207 That is actually a 9c! It just looks small by comparison I guess. The M&P is in there because Doug did both these pistols so this photo was originally posted to their FB page.
  15. Mach0311

    Mach0311 Newbie

    Alright what's a good holster for this beast? Needs to be fully contained AIWB. I'm not doing a hot dog roast everytime i shoot it. I also occasionally freeball especially on Friday (freeballin friday) so I gotta protect the 70's foliage. ;)

    Edit:Just sent an email to JMkydex to see if they'll make one. Fingers crossed
  16. Mach0311

    Mach0311 Newbie

    They will make one. Order light bearing AIWB for g34 and stipulate it's getting a kkm comp and barrel and mrds
  17. adam_s

    adam_s Regular Member

    Semi-Necro. Has anyone looked at the Alpha Wolf Comp from LWD? It's threaded in "normal" threads as opposed to KKM's proprietary comp threads, and has a set screw to potentially keep it from wandering off. I don't have dimensions for it or the like, but it could make an interesting option.

    Of course-my issue is that I've got the OEM metric threaded barrels, which means I'm STILL screwed...but hey...
  18. Leksikon

    Leksikon Newbie

    I was just looking at the possibility of purchasing a replacement G19 as a backup while sending my slide out to ATEi or Boresight when I saw that ATEi has their own slides for sale already done... Any thoughts on going that route vs sending out the Glock OEM slide? I'd normally be hesitant to go aftermarket there but it's a reputable company...
  19. adam_s

    adam_s Regular Member

    If ATEi puts their name on it, it will be good to go. I would have no qualms about buying a slide from them, in the least.
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  20. Runcible

    Runcible Runcible Works Vendor

    What's the overall length differential between a G34 and a G19 w\ KKM comp?

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