The Roland Special


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Have both. Both are great lights. If your OWB carrying, get the HL. If you’re IWB, particularly the 19, it’s the 7A all the way. The HL will add length, even on a 17 which is personally uncomfortable for IWB.

Putting compensators on them will also add length. At that point why not go for the brighter but longer light?


Thats good to know. Thanks my doods.

A follow up question, I am in the process of building my pistols(g19 and g17) to be a "Roland Special" flavor for increased capability. So for my light selection; I cannot do the Surefire due to budgetary restrictions. With that in mind, does anyone have any recommendations between the Streamlight TLR7A and the TLR1HL? It is between those two. And the use will be both carry on my battle belt as well as conceal carry. And with that said, I already often conceal a full size g17 without issue. So I dont need a tiny pocket blaster. So any input between those two lights to be used on those guns? Thanks
Do the TLR-1 if at all possible. The TLR-7, although the best compact light currently available, doesn't have the candela to justify itself outside of artificial total darkness. As others have mentioned, the TLR-1 is long enough to be a challenge to conceal.

Cloud Defensive is working on a pistol mounted 18350 light that will fit under a G17 slide. Supposedly the light will be available by the end of the year for under three hundred dollars. It might be worth saving up for, though actually details and examples of the light are not yet out. I'm looking forward to the light.


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100% correct. Completely off track. Thanks for bringing it back.

No worries! If it was just a question of which light to get for a standard G17 and G19 I’d absolutely agree, TLR7A for the G19 all the way. Fits flush with the muzzle and avoids getting carbon fouling on the light lens by not extending beyond the end of the barrel. But if you’re adding extra length with other parts anyway, might as well go for the larger light that’s going to offer more light and more durability


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Since they’ll be going on pistols that already have compensators extending beyond the muzzle of the slide anyway I’d go for the higher lumen TLR1HL over the flush-fitting TLR7. If you’re doing full RS builds on both your G19 and G17 together though I’m not sure what budgetary restriction would also constrain your ability to get Surefires for both builds as well, all those other parts aren’t exactly going to be cheap especially bought in pairs for both pistols
l be a build over time for sure due to budget. But initially i will get only one light that i will swap on guns depending on which i am using at the time. no dual wielding for me.
Inspired by the RS, I built my first pistol with a light and comp.
Haven't had an interest in Glocks for a long time but the shape of the frame and the way it points got me back on-board, sort of.
It's not the real thing but pretty cool so far:
Freedom Wolf frame (love the ergonomics)
Brownells RMR slide
True Precision barrel
Agency 417 2 chamber comp
Night Fision Optics Ready Stealth night sights
TLR-1HL (added a filter for indoors to dim it a bit)
Lone Wolf small parts

Thanks to the folks here, I was able to understand how to tune the recoil spring to work with the comp.

Next, will be another barrel in 356 TSW since I've always wanted to play with that cartridge.


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Interesting, how so? Malfunctions? I would've expected the G34 to be less finicky compared to the smaller G19. How does the G17 compare?