RCS Eidolon

I've been using an Eidolon with the clips, wedge and claw to carry a G-17 MOS for a bit over two years, now. It's worked really, really well for me, but....

...I wanted something that was light-capable. I decided to give PHLSTER a try, but the Spotlight model was back-ordered. What the heck, I ordered a Floodlight, instead. I guess I do have a light-mount 1911 I could try in that, too. I just got the Floodlight a couple of days ago, but haven't been in public off-duty for a number of days. Hopefully, I can give it a try in a day or two. I like the concept and the construction of the Floodlight, and I'm interested in how it performs, versus the Eidolon.

Stay tuned.