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Hey P&S crew, I am Eric. Contractor guy entering LE, avid learner, and enthusiast. Tuned in to the podcasts and YouTube videos over a year ago and finally joined the forum. Thanks!
Ryan, came across P&S on facebook, several friends were members and thought I'd check it out. I really like the strict moderation there and thought I'd check the actual forum out here. Currently LE in Minnesota, but started my career in Texas (metroplex/where the west begins). Enjoy shooting and recently have begun looking into an RMR for my carry gun/s. Our range master is very open to new tech and RMR's are currently in the T/E phase. Looking forward to learning about them and other topics here.
Greetings. Dave here. Did a bit over 20 yrs in the Guard. 98G, 35D, 35A. Couple of deployments, lots of PPT. Nothing special. Almost 10 years as a cop. Currently investigate child exploitation crimes. Hands down the best thing I've ever done. I'm a habitual late bloomer.

It was the podcast following Pat's passing that sparked my curiosity about P&S. I'm here to soak it all in.

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Rich in Clearwater.

Retired Aerospace Systems Engineer. My wife and I travel frequently in an Airstream Travel Trailer.

New to hand guns in 2013. My interest is civilian SD, Steel and USPSA.

I came here from seeing P&S posts on Facebook. I liked the absence of derp. Will be doing more listening than posting, but might ask a question or two.
Charles in Peoria, AZ. Former 0311 (1/3 2000-2004), former federal correctional officer, now a cadastral survey tech for the feds. I enjoy firearms, gear, and outdoor pursuits. Had a friend recommend this place twice. Here to listen and learn!

My name is Joshua; I am currently a police officer in a large city in the southeast. Prior to that, I served 8 years in the U. S. Army as an Infantryman. I spent a total of 38 months in Iraq during the GWOT. I attend firearms training (.mil/ LEO/ civilian sector) as much as possible. I am here to learn and share life experience/ my perspective(s) where applicable. Thank you for the opportunity to join the group.
Hey everyone, my name is Eric. Non LEO/MIL.
Currently clocked 32 hours of professional training in pistol and shotgun. Hobbyist gun owner for about 16 years, armed citizen who has taken the craft seriously the last 8.

Thanks for having me
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