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I'm Steven. Former Marine (85 to 92), over 20 years in LE in Mass. Firearms instructor for a number of years. MA National Guard from 2001 to 2013, with a trip to Afghanistan and to Iraq over that time. Nothing cool, just an nco taking care of his guys. I am one of the 'gun guys' at my agency.


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Howdy all. Civvie completing my undergrad. 3Gun exposure at collegiate and State levels. 870P & knife connoisseur . Highly interested in a career in LE, MIL, or as a gunsmith/armorer. Fortunate to have been steered here by a few friends who know their stuff. Looking forward to learning with y'all.

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My name is Ed, and I'm a civilian. I'm the manager at a gunshop and indoor shooting range. Gone to shooting classes in the past, done 3 with Pat, but haven't had funds or time to do so since 2012. Recently married. Trying to fight the derp and put out good information to our customers, with mixed results. Want to get into Law Enforcement, but I need to work on my cardio more. Lacking a 4 year degree hurts as well. That's all the news about the news.
My name is Larry. Non Mil/LE. EDC... Pistol permit in 1975. Currently in the Desert of AZ. Guns and horses. Horses and guns. I have seen the wheel reinvented a few times and retain some institutional knowledge by virtue of just being around longer.. ....P&S is an incredible resource for those willing to engage...listen re listen and then decide what is right for them... my game plan.
Non mil/le. Career is in the fire service. Currently serving as a deputy Fire Marshall. EMT-B but I rarely get to use medical skills anymore. I still attend our EMS training to keep my skills up.

I got into guns about 3 years ago. I've been carrying for 2 years and this past year have gotten into training and practice much more.

Currently carry a g 19 or g26 in jm custom aiwb gear. I'm starting to dabble in competition with a g34.

Purchased a bcm AR a few months back and I am trying to learn the platform.

I used to have Facebook and one of the main things I missed after I deleted it was the convos on p&s so I'm stoked to find this place.

This place and a couple other forums are not full of typical gun forum bs. I don't have a lot to offer so I'll be asking lots of questions so be patient with me!
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