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I found out about this place from Steve Fisher. I am a machinist for Burris. I like shooting, martial arts, and reading. Never been .mil or LEO. I'll likely read a lot more than I post here.
Civilian - I work in IT as an enterprise SysAdmin. Living in NY, there are quite a few roadblocks to a gun hobby, but making do where I can. Have a good amount of interest in Home Automation and mesh networks of Sensors.
Mark from PA here, local LE since the mid 80's, did SWAT from the 90's to 02, been a student of the job since day 1, doing the adjunct instructor at the local college's academy for the past half dozen years to pass on knowledge to today's LE
Jake, USMC machinegunner for seven yrs. Some afghans and some others. All about learning and passing it on. Murderer of sacred cows. If there's one thing to take away right now, take away this: There is a better way of doing stuff than what your pubs tell you. Be the one to discover it
Hi, I'm Zach from NC. Did 4yrs in the Navy, transitioned to LEO. Been here for 5yrs now doing the SWAT and sniper thing. Love to train as much as I can, looking forward to the knowledge and insight here.
I'm Justin - I am army infantry currently attached to our scout section in the ARNG. Worked at a range for a few years in San Antonio as an RO and did some minimal training towards new shooters mostly. A lot of guys I respect moved this way so here I am.
My name is Josh and I am a current LEO and SWAT guy. Always looking to improve my knowledge and skill set. Been browsing this forum and there is some solid stuff posted. Looking forward to learning from this community.
Reserve sheriff deputy, for about 5 years. Lucky enough to be with an agency that lets me participate in all facets of the job. Day job is in the gun industry, I've got several instructor certs with several being active shooter centric. I came here from LFer.
Hey all,
Came accross this site after taking in a few of Bills vids on youtube, great stuff.

Started things with the Marines in 2000 (Infantry) got out in '04. Went after my Helicopter rating, have my private and working on commercial/ifr. Been with Fed LE Since '07. Took the INDOC for the SWAT in this case they call it "SORT" in '09 and never looked back. Passed the Marksman Observer school in 2011, currently active.

Things have been fun, cant complain. Always growing and bettering myself, looking forward to this new resource.

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