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Travis, transfer from the FB side. Former scout in the Army, 7 years. Current LEO, 1 year. Attended RMIC plus some other development courses in the Army, taught for the last 3 years in. Always looking to expand my training. Looking forward to this group
Dustin here...finally decided to come on over. Longtime LF member, FB member...

13 years LE, SWAT, etc...currently Criminal Investigations, focused primarily on sex crimes and child abuse, but get a little of everything.
Steve Sellers (easy, right?) in NC. Been reading the forum for a while now, but never posted an intro. Regular guy, attorney, rec and personal def shooter. Very much appreciate the insight here and look forward to continued opportunities to learn.


Network Support II
Greetings from Denmark
Big time lurker here (LF etc.), I'm new to this place but after having listened to some modcasts and the breadth of knowledge represented there knew that I had to try and glean more of it.
Started doing army stuff as soon as I was allowed to.
First spent two years as motorized infantry in the Home Guard (our National Guard equivalent) while waiting my turn for conscription (basic training here) because we actually have years long waiting lists for that here.
Got in, and have spent last 6-7 years in a light reconnaissance unit since that and plan on doing at least as many more.
3 tours to Afghanistan (ISAF & RS)
1 of them in Helmand as POMLT trying mentor those damn ANP junkies.
2 of them doing PSD for mentors in Kabul.
I have always been a gearwhore and stickler for quality and as my saltiness has grown the same on the training and skillset side.
I'm just here to expand my horizon.
Hey, been in the FB groups and decided to finally sign up over here.

General civilian with a few hundred hours of training, some retail and range management experience, and I presently write for the industry.

Jeeps, off reading, knives, and good food are also interests.

Greetings. I'm Alex and on active duty on Fort Bragg, NC. Been hearing the mod-casts on YouTube and really appreciated the solid information and knowledge sharing. Recent deployments have pulled me away from the competition community (huge in the Bragg and Raleigh-Durham Triangle area).

I'm interested in anything relating to training with the AR-15 and 9mm Glock.

Glad to be here.
Aloha All, I am a short time Clinton era Army vet & 20 yr LE guy. I'm a K9 handler and trainer in the DC metro area. I am happiest working midnight shift, wearing my NVGs while catching felons, who shit themselves when all they hear is a panting dog and maybe some crunching leaves before Fido sinks his teeth deep in.


Charles Carmichael

Network Support I

Non-Mil, Non-LE
NRA- RSO, Basic Rifle/ Shotgun Inst.
BSA- Shooting Sports Director
Part Time Event-staff/Security Officer at Chicago area sports and concert venues.

Studied Law Enforcement and Justice administration with a minor in Emergency Management
-2 gen ed requirements and an Internship away from actually earning the diploma.

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