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Currently active duty military. I'm a communicator by trade and enjoy all manner of firearms and related pursuits.
Non LE and Non Mil. just like firearms and Mil talk. Dad used to make firearms for a living, and it rubbed off on me. About to graduate in Mechanical Engineering and aiming to work in the genre. Looking to learn a lot from all the experience in the room and add my own two cents here and there.


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Current Air Force Engineer ANG part time. Work in the industry full time retail, part time new media type. I like beer and Aberlour Single Malt Scotch Whisky and guns and stuff.


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Hey everybody. 11B30B4, 13 yrs between ARNG and USAR. OIF and OEF deployments, 1 ea. Served as a pog, rifleman, grenadier, machine gunner, scout, sniper, sniper TL, sniper SL and rifle SL. Pretty much in that order. Graduated from ARNG Sniper School in 2011. Currently in the CAARNG.


Municipal LE since 06 most of that on nights. On SWAT since 2012 assigned as a sniper. My current full time assignment is to our street crimes unit.

Never thought I would want to be a sniper until I was offered the spot but it is my passion and where I belong. I'm constantly trying to figure out new ways for us to contribute to mission success and sell them to the rest of the organization.

This software is a little different.... Where do we put in our profile info?


Nate from Northern Utah. Same user name on LF and a few others. I am not LE or mil., but I like learning as much as possible from wherever I can. I am currently a grad student, and try to get my training fix as time and money allow. Looking forward to learning more new things here.
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