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Introductions Part 2

Discussion in 'READ THIS FIRST' started by Riafdnal, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. PPQ_Shooter

    PPQ_Shooter Newbie

    Bret. Ordinary gun guy. National Sales Manager at Walther Arms, and Armorer's Course instructor for LE. I shoot some competition as well, but not as often as I would like. Here to gain knowledge and contribute what I can.
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  2. Mballz23

    Mballz23 Newbie

    I'm Matt, I've lurked. I'm about a quarter century old, I'm young. Fairly active on another forum more AR based that's not ARFCOM.... with rules similar to here that I do love. Don't know why I've never created a membership but anyhow. Non MIL. Non LEO. I'm an ordinary guy that likes guns, diesel trucks, hunting, and anything outdoors. Just got back into fitness and nutrition about a year ago. Getting into NFA stuff. I appreciate quality gear.

    I'm an "entrepreneur" (everyone point and laugh). Currently working on another company now. But it has no place here. However, naturally with my personality, I love to learn and am a forever student. Texas born. Texas raised. Now you know me! Thanks for having me.

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  3. sharps54

    sharps54 Newbie

    Jason, former Army pog (supply in light infantry and personnel in the 82nd), former gun shop / range manager, former CCW instructor, former competition shooter (IDPA / 3 Gun). I've been away from all that for a decade or more and am getting back into shooting with an emphasis on training. I've been lurking and listening to the podcasts and like the idea of cutting through the derp rampant on other forums.
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  4. cor_man257

    cor_man257 Newbie

    I'm Cory. Former MP in the National Guard. One deployment to Iraq, a few hurricanes and natural disasters. Spent some time as an SME and instructor for the M9.

    I'm 25, married, and have a young son. I'm mostly focused on concealed carry stuff at the moment. I intend to begin shooting USPSA soon, and would like to eventually work in law enforcement or the gun industry. For now I work in a warehouse. I learned about P&S when they had John and JackJack from Ballistic radio on a podcast. I'm on about a million forums under the same username.

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  5. Romeo7

    Romeo7 Newbie

    Jim here. Marines, 2141 from 91-95. YAT YAS! Got out and got into HAZMAT cleanup and then IT once I figured out I didn't want to glow in the dark or die of cancer. Now I do consulting on both just to keep from being bored & broke. I've always been a guns and gear guy. I love feral hog hunting and salt water fishing. I've conceal carried since I got out of the Corps. I've taken some courses and I'm always looking to learn more.

    I've had the same handle over on LF for years.

    I look forward to learning a lot here and maybe even contributing to the knowledge base when I can.
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  6. Russellmn

    Russellmn Newbie

    Russell here. Army vet, 11b and 19d, 12 years between active and NG. 3 deployments (Kosovo '01, Iraq '03 and '05) Typical gun nut, gear head, welder, fabricator, and bullshitter. Looking to up my training beyond what was available 9 years ago when I last took training courses. I like my ARs and Glocks, not a fanboy of either, just like what I like. Found you guys when looking on YT for training options. Looking at a Pat Mac course this summer... Not a lot of options for good training in MN
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  7. chad herr

    chad herr Newbie

    Hi, names Chad, been following Primary and Secondary for a month and thought I'd get involved a little more. Marine Corp. 90-94 6060 Flt. Equipment. Worked on F-18's during my enlistment. My father was a Marine and being one myself was my personal goal. Always liked guns, probably due the John Wayne Movies I watched as a kid. Bought my first gun at 15 from a local gun shop that I used to hang out at on a weekly bases. They should not of sold it to me by law but I'm glad they did. Loved shooting that Rem 1100. I enjoyed tearing that gun down and putting it back together more than any I've owned.
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  8. Eric

    Eric Newbie

    Hello all, my name is Eric. I just stumbled on this site and it is right up my alley. I am a Veteran with the 82nd Airborne. I graduated the Master Gunner Course when it was in it's infancy. Have been a federal LEO for 10 plus years now. I am currently a Use of Force, Pistol, Carbine and Active Shooter Course instructor. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning from each other.
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  9. Medicth

    Medicth Newbie

    Tim, I'm just an old paramedic, I may occasionally have something to offer. I was on LF once upon a time as well. Oh and I got to hold a gun once.
  10. Rich275

    Rich275 Newbie

    Rich, LEO since 1991, former 2/75 Ranger, former SWAT, current principle firearms instructor for my dept. Been reading the site for over a year and hoping to gain some knowledge helpful to my current assignment.
  11. AttackBlue1

    AttackBlue1 Newbie

    Matt, former 11A, 2001-2010.
    Mech. Infantry guy OIF Baghdad/Iskandariyah.
    PMT guy OEF ARSIC-West.
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  12. RogueNathan

    RogueNathan Newbie Vendor

    I'm Nathan - Director of Sales, Marketing, & Product Management at Faxon Firearms.

    Eternally a Marine and student of the firearm and its martial arts. Competitive 3-gun shooter and avid product designer dedicated to the best products possible.
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  13. Glock26

    Glock26 Newbie

    I'm Jared current Corrections officer, 4 years ERT, new firearms instructor (just over a year). Found this forum while looking at going to training on my own, due to the reliazation that there is a ton of stuff I don't know and a 2 week class (1 for pistol 1 for patrol rifle) does not make me all knowing. However I fell in love with teaching and hope to make myself as good as I can be as an instructor as well as a shooter. Hope to help out if I can here.
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  14. Mike_Golf

    Mike_Golf Newbie

    I'm Gary. Former National Guard AGR (11B/11A) with 10 years AGR / 10 years traditional Guard. Currently serving with a federal department.
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  15. IMX

    IMX Newbie

    DoD. Currently overseas. Interested in becoming a better shooter.
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  16. Brewmeister

    Brewmeister Newbie


    I'm Brian-- former firefighter and will be starting medical school in the fall. I've always had a keen interest to be the best at what I do, and seek out the proper SMEs to ensure I get the best knowledge available.
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  17. Rich_J

    Rich_J Newbie

    My name is Rich, and I'm back after a bit of an absence from this forum.

    I'm looking for no-Derp no BS online info/discussion on light competition/defensive firearm use. I'm that old retired civilian geezer at the back of the class, soaking up the knowledge.

    My wife and I saved enough to buy an Airstream travel trailer RV and tour the country. I managed to convince her to help my hobby by letting me register for my first ever formal training class. I am set to take Frank Proctor's 1 day Performance Pistol class in Cresson TX on 21 April. I've only got two pistols, a VP9 for USPSA and a P30SK for CCW.

    Thanks Matt Prime for approving my FB request for the online group.

    Plan to lurk and hopefully not ask too many dumb questions.

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  18. roflplanes

    roflplanes Newbie

    I'm Tom, former NG 12B and ADOS S6. Currently civilian software engineer and wannabe cool kid.

    When I got out a few years ago, I was very fortunate to find a group of dudes who took it upon themselves to fix my teacup-grip, behind-the-hip, 1911-carrying ass. They lit a fire under me, and here I am.

    I'm primarily a lurker, but I also ask the occasional dumb question just to keep everyone on their toes. :D
  19. darbywpd

    darbywpd Newbie

    20+ years LEO on the East coast, most of my time in patrol with a stint in K9. Currently a Sergeant and rangemaster/lead firearms instructor for my department. Also a state certified Taser/OC/use of force/gang instructor. Off time I like to shot in local IDPA and 3 gun matches, which mean once every couple of months.
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  20. Warpiper

    Warpiper Newbie

    Zane. FED-LEO for 7 years in AZ.
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