Introductions Part 2

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Rob. Civ. Grew up around guns. Started shooting handgun and Carbine more in last 10 years. Recent long range addict. Several reputable courses under belt. Been on the FB groups for a while. Here to learn. Preach it.


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Paul, limited experience in a gunsmith shop. Here to learn from the real pros and industry professionals.

Have a good bit of AR experience, but probably just a drop in the bucket compared to the truly experienced members here.

My main interests are cars, guitars, and guns.


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Dan. Not LE/mil, just a regular guy looking to improve my skills and capabilities.

Long time shooter, and as a mechanical guy I dabble in machining and gunsmithing.


Dan. Municipal LE peon at a mid sized agency in SW PA, formerly a patrol supervisor at a larger one in the same area. Sometimes SWAT guy, sometimes instructor guy, sometimes armorer guy. Transplant from Lightfighter.

Oh yeah, I once made Pat Rogers laugh till he cried by incorrectly guessing the Wheel of Fortune puzzle RELAXING ON THE SEASHORE to be URINATING ON THE MEATHOLE.

Jordan G.

Jordan. 7 years AD in the Air Force as Security Police, got out became a GS employee and now I'm in the Reserves.

I've been shooting since 2007, I've started to dabble in 1911 gunsmithing and hopefully start my side hustle someday...
Hello, my name is Bill. LEO for 20 years with a very large Sheriff's Dept. In that time I've done a few different things, to include being a Task Force Officer with DEA. Worked Gang Unit for about 6.5 years. Currently I'm a full time firearms instructor. Department is about 3500 sworn plus civilians.

My hobbies are shooting 3gun, and I show cow horses/cutting horses.

This site looks really good. I'm looking forward to being here and continuing to learn.

Thanks in advance.
Greeting from Southern New England and the NYC tri-state area.

I am a civilian.

I have been hosting open enrollment combative firearms training in the southern New England region since 2010.

I do this on a volunteer basis and very much want to help U.S. military, law enforcement, and law-abiding responsible citizens get access to quality training near home.

My interests are pistol, carbine, precision rifle, first aid, and home defense.
Jed. Currently active duty infantry. Been there, haven't done as much that. Always looking to learn from those who know better than me and am trying to go do bigger and better things. I'm really just a big nerd who ends up answering everyone's stupid questions at work. I shoot, hike, lift, and tinker.
I think I am late to this. Tom, 20 yrs. LE in NC. Most in tactical stuff. 2 agencies, the first mid-sized, the current one is much bigger. Too heavily involved with the State tactical association. Mostly lurk and read, rarely post.
Always looking to make new contacts, they make the world go round.
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