Introductions Part 2

Civilian. Interests are handguns, carbines, concealed carry, home defense, emergency medical, etc. Have done some training at TDI in Ohio. Took a Surefire lowlight shooting course years ago. Did some USPSA/3 Gun competition years ago but never got super serious. Worked a LGS & Indoor Range counter part time for a few years. Got certified as an NRA Basic Pistol instructor but let that lapse after quitting the LGS job. Got EMT-B registry senior year of college but never worked it as a job. Basically I know just enough about guns and stuff to not be a total derp.

I am an Aerospace Engineer. I’ve worked for a jet engine manufacturer, an airline, the USAF (civil service), and an aircraft manufacturer on commercial, military, and business jets. I was fortunate to get to travel some really unusual places and work on some interesting stuff when I worked for the USAF. My specialty is structural repairs and stress analysis. If your aircraft is hard broke I’m your dude.

I’m hear to learn what works, what doesn’t, and why and avoid common mistakes and learn the perspectives of people with more knowledge and experience.
I thought I did a introduction already but I guess I didn’t. I apologize for that. Anyway, I’m currently finishing up 5 years in the navy. Hopefully transferring into law enforcement once I get out. All around shooting enthusiast but recently USPSA has caught my eye and I’m thinking about getting into it. Also really enjoy taking classes and getting as much info as possible.
Hey guys. I used to hang out over on Lightfighter back in the day, but haven't spent much time on the boards in the past couple of years. 10 years active military and have continued in the Guard/Reserves since then. I currently work as a defense contractor with a focus on tactical communications, sUAS and similar.
I'm a civilian. I mostly train pistol, combatives (need to get a lot better) and medical. I'm dipping a toe into carbines. I enjoy PC gaming. I manage a large footprint for my company, which does contract work in the evenings for apartments of varying quality and reputability. It informs what I train for as if something stupid happens to me it'll probably be in or around a truck at night. I am a student and mostly lurk and absorb information. Outside of that I enjoy the occasional video game and mostly pick single player games with good stories.
former airborne pog, AFG
barely competitive shooter
uspsa, IDPA, 3G/2G, Long range
work in an ER, lvl 1 trauma center
20+ countries, lived in mexico a bit
like cooking, photography, hiking, and dogs
i like what P&S does and i like supporting it
here to learn
Former paratrooper, current Army Reserve Drill Sergeant by by weekday. Looking to land a federal law enforcement gig. Recently took my first pistol course and lucky enough to have done so with Reston Group and got hooked on getting better.
Current Utah LEO. Former active duty .mil (now part-time in the Guard). Heard about this community through watching some of Ian and Carl's videos. After watching some of the podcasts, I really like what this site and community has to offer. Look forward to participating and hopefully contributing what little I can.
Hey all, Kjell here. 6 years Fire Ems, just put in my app for local PD. Ive been shooting for as long as I can remember. I think I was five when grandma gave me a BB gun and since then have been hooked. Started really getting into the "tactical" side of shooting about five years ago. I reload a lot and would be happy to answer any questions on that. Super avid fisherman, love hunting. Located in southern Wisconsin. Happy to be here.
Retired Mil. LEO, TacTeam Commander, experience in large Multi-jurisdictional SWAT and Departmental Teams. Use of Force and Firearms Instructor. Learning from others to avoid the "in-house-only" training stalls. Impressed with the content, even if I don't always agree.

Stay safe
Lifelong Civilian. Full-time Student. Amateur Competitive Shooter. Passionate about Liberty and Individual Rights.

I grew up without guns in my house, shot a few times at my grandparents and friends house as a kid, but I had been shooting maybe a half dozen times until college. In college my interest in guns truly began as my political beliefs began forming more concretely. My college started a shooting sports team and because there was very little interest from the general student body I was given a spot on the team even though at that point I was an abysmally bad shooter. I have primarily shot outlaw IDPA matches, Steel Challenge, GSSF, and SASP matches. I still have a long way to go. After college I spent a year working for Palmetto State Armory as a sales rep. Now I'm back in school and I really want to learn more, because I've realized just how little that I know. I've been watching the Modcasts for about a year and finally decided to give the forum a try. Currently writing this forum post to procrastinate instead of writing a paper.
Civilian, soon to commission in the U.S. Army through ROTC

Commander of the newly founded University of Houston Cullen Rifles Marksmanship Team(Website and related will be up as soon as I'm finished making them), NRA Basic Pistol Instructor certified and ~couple hundred hours of instructing for free for family, friends and acquaintances. If you would like to support the UH Marksmanship team, please DM me. Funding, gear, ammo, training and a new location would be helpful. We're using the American Shooting Center in West Houston rn, but they require 2 seconds between shots in a static firing line. We're looking to compete in CMP and 2 gun ACM style matches like WTFbiatholon, Tiger Valley and related, so that won't work for our competition focused members.

I study Computer Science, so I'm looking forward to going back and watching the Network Security podcast. Some military and civilian training in medical and combat tactics. I play Overwatch, so add me at FrostyBear#11388 with a message saying P&S if you want to team up.

Here to learn more and see just how good I can be.