Introductions Part 2

I’m Lee. 21+ years with the Canadian federal Le agency. Grew up around guns, hunting and trapping with my Dad and brother.
I’ve worked different duties from patrol, plainclothes, drug enforcement, riot control, to specialized tactics instructor and covert tactical operations. And I’ve been a firearms and use of force instructor with the organization for most of my service.

Been a member of the Facebook page for a while and signed up here a little while ago but haven’t posted till now. Also ging to send an email for the restricted side of the forum right quick!
I'm Jeff. Firefighter paramedic with a large department in the south portland metro area. Was a swat medic for a couple years. Shoot a little uspsa and three gun occasionally, and am mostly just trying to get as much training as I can. I live outside Willamina.


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I'm Amanda, just a regular CCWer in the central PA area. Been shooting for about 10 years, started actively trying to get better a couple years ago, and finally bringing myself and my shooting in to the 21st century (sort of...) within the last year or so. General outdoors person - Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, etc, HEMA and Escrima practitioner, smallbore shooter (somewhat casually, I shoot a local outlaw match that's not particularly high speed, but is sufficently challenging for the time being). Been listening to P&S for a while and decided to finally join the forum. Mostly a reader.
I'm Dennis. 7 years 91B ARNG. 5 years attached to an artillery battery on a field maintenance team, 2 years in a forward support company in the recovery section. Civilian Job: carpenter
Hobbies: shooting, hiking, climbing, nordic skiing and hunting.
I work for an agency in northern Utah. Currently, I'm in corrections and part of the SERT team (parallels SWAT, but in a corrections setting). I am LEO certified and hoping to get out to patrol too, eventually. I have a bachelor's in sports med and did personal training for a bit in a past life.
I'm Paolo. Currently Active Duty EOD for 7 years. I've been into shooting since joining the military but have recently started getting serious about CCW, self defense, and furthering my skills outside of work.

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Dave, regular guy, "been shooting all my life," but decided to take the last four-five years to become focused on defensive shooting. If I'm going to carry a pistol, I may as well know everything there is to know about pistol shooting. Rifles are a hobby for me.
I really enjoy training but I do wish I had discovered this passion decades earlier. Now there are classes I cannot take due to physical age issues. If this is your passion, make one class per year your goal. You'll have a lifetime of friends you now have, memories, experiences and skills.
I'm Donte. 10 year Army Vet. Geoint Guy I made maps and wallpaper. Spent a few years in the armsroom of an ENG Co. Now I write the specs on how to make maps and wall. I've been following P&S for a few months now I have learned so much and love what you guys and the community do.