Introductions Part 2

Greatings all. Chris for AZ here. 1st a Marine then wised up went Army after the first 4. Currently 20 years in LE with the last 13 in swat specializing in breaching and high angle. I’ll put my two cents in if asked or if it meets the following criteria.
1. Does it need to be said?
2. Does it need to be said right now?
3. Does it need to be said by me?

Be well.
Hello, just a guy trying to survive. Married for going on 32 years with one son.
Working full time in a machine shop going on 34 years and also have my own tree care business for the past 10 years.
Have always loved firearms but only recently been able to finally own a few. In my search for information and training
on how to be safe and "capable" as a concealed carrier I keep hearing about this Primary & Secondary site..... so here
I am. I seem to have developed a bit of a passion for handguns and self defense despite having no time or money to spare.
I am hoping to soak up and learn everything I can and I understand this is a good place to find some very solid people when
it concerns firearms. Sorry for being long winded. I figured I better put it out there now 'cause I'm pretty much a "lurker", I
don't "speak" much. As a noob I don't believe I have anything to offer but as I said I sure do hope I can learn as much as
Thanks and be safe.
Randy :)
My name is Steve, in Washington State. Retired LEO after 28 years. Firearms trainer for 26 years. Taught at our academy, helped rewrite the training curriculum for both the academy and post academy advanced training. Started my training school in 2017, so far going very well. Glad to find a straight up honest place to learn. Thank you all for having me.
Hi. My name is Paul. I'm just a citizen/civilian, concealed gun carrier, and self protection/applied violence enthusiast. I invest a lot of time and money in training and gear that, God willing, I won't use because I understand that if I do happen to hit that lotto of suck then it'll be worth everything.

I just joined up here but have been on the Facebook side for a while. I usually just read and listen but don't post much. There are plenty of people here already with legitimate backgrounds to do most of the talking. Thanks for having me.
Names Joshua I’m 25 live in south central Ohio and work in inventory in a factory. Been carrying ever since I could but actually started getting serious about 2-3 years ago about it. Taken some classes and plan on getting into USPSA this year. Other than that I ride a Harley, play golf, Airsoft(yes I know it’s gay), and like copious amounts of food and alcohol because I’m a naturally skinny guy that everyone loves to hate.
DHS Officer and ARNG Lieutenant out of New England. Been enjoying the conversations for over a year (TY Karl) and Patreon for awhile now as well. Plan on throwing some questions out there to get the right equipment and future training I need to do my jobs better.

Naturally Aspirated 4 Cylinder Stick Coups, Games (Video, Bored, Table Top Role Playing), and Small Arms are my hobbies. I'd saying camping, but the Army ruined that for me.
Non-mil, non-leo type here. Lover of archaic battle rifles, got into building FALs 20+ years ago. I shoot in competitions on a fairly frequent basis, hit the range a couple of times a month for solo training and try to get to a few firearms related courses a year and lately augmenting that with more basic medical training.
18 years in Air Force Security Forces (looking for a change to polish off my AD career). Currently NCOIC of advanced designated marksman program for my squadron, the Air Force is currently still using 7.62 M24s with MK3A optics, that is supposed to be replaced with the M110A1 soon. Other than that, I'm into whisky/whiskey, Czech service weapons, the guilty pleasure of Saturday Night Special "junk" guns, and general discussions about weapons and tactics.
7 years National Guard as a Fire Direction Center operator, planning on continuing for another 20 if I can. New to the shooting world, would like to take some training, and advance my knowledge of how to properly use my weapon systems. Currently only own one AR that I have set up up as sort of a do all carbine, hunting rig until I can afford to buy more to serve specific purposes. Would also like to take some defensive pistol classes with my starter pistol a Canik TP9SF.
Dan, Eagle Scout, USAF Security Forces veteran, former volunteer firefighter, currently a gun shop monkey and in the process of joining a major metropolitan LE department in North Texas. I found my way here from the podcast, of course, which just so happens to be my favorite way to pass the time while I clean the rental guns. I'm here to learn, and I'm here for you.
Greetings. I joined the forum when I saw that P&S has physical fitness, nutrition and mindset sections in addition to weapons related sections, which demonstrates a holistic self-defense stack to me.

This is different than other forums I have viewed. I have always believed it is important to be physically fit and mentally aware as well as legally armed at all times. I believe/apply the “left of bang” philosophy.

Also looking through the posts in the different P&S sections including the forum rules shows a more serious P&S forum demeanor, than other forums I have viewed, which is a big plus for me personally.

I am here to learn to optimize self-defense skills.

All of the threats I have encountered and had to physically respond to happened within three feet, so I am particularly interested in CQB. I am a FFL gunsmith (second career) but that is not why I joined the forum.