Introductions Part 2

Civilian looking for real knowledge from professionals not random people. I am a strength and conditioning coach with experience with all levels of athletes, general population, and a little bit of the first responder population. Degrees in Business and Exercise Science. I am grateful for P&S so that I may learn and absorb all the information I can and be sure that it will be reliable.

Jared, been LEO for 4 years and USPSA competition shooter for about 5 years. Currently work in an agency of about 500.

I’m currently an A class Limited minor shooter and am working on becoming a firearms instructor with my PD. I like shooting and learning. That’s why I’m here.
Earl, just a citizen CCW here and recovering FUDD. Carried a clapped out 1911 and fought red-dots for longer than I care to admit. Saw the light when my kid was born a few years ago I started training more seriously. Learned just how mediocre my skills were at my first "real" class (Sage Dynamics). Since then I've taken more classes including force-on-force and medical. Recently started shooting USPSA as well. Followed P&S for a while on Facebook but trying to shift to the forums before the censors shut down the group. Eager to learn more about what I don't know.
Danny, aircraft mechanic by trade. Surf, Skateboard, Snowboard, archery(recently) and guns/gears are my passions. no LE or MIL experience. I have a couple basic handgun courses under my belt, no carbine classes yet. Being a California resident has its extreme limitations in that regard. Here for knowledge!
LE since 08. Equally brief stints in patrol and plainclothes before moving to a full time swat team in 12. Wanted to move beyond my institutional bubble so I began attending private sector training classes on my own time & dime. P&S podcast was recommended to me, after listening to several dozen episodes I felt this forum would be a great resource. Here to learn.
Chester. Former Army and Army National Guard, just under 16 years total before being medically retired. 11B and 12B.
Currently working in a gun store in W. Washington and doing most of the armorer work.
Part time armed security, many years (too many) doing it full time with mostly some government contracts when I was in the DC area. Nothing too cool, just watching a bunch of computers mostly.