Follow Through Consulting: Scoped Carbine AAR




Follow Through Consulting
Buck Doyle, Instructor
Scoped Carbine (light) – three day course
Teasdale, Utah
Feb 20-22, 2015

Buck Doyle served over 21 years in the US Marine Corps, including 17 years and multiple combat tours with Special Operations units. As a Reconnaissance Marine attached to 1st Force Recon, 1st Recon BN, and MARSOC units, Doyle served as Team Leader, Platoon Sergeant, and Chief Instructor at Special Missions Training Branch. He has current, extensive experience in hostile fire/combat zones in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. Doyle retired from the Marine Corps a Master Sergeant with multiple awards, including the Bronze Star (with Valor). Buck is one of nine U.S. service members featured in Mark Lee Greenblatt’s recently released book,“Valor: Unsung Heroes of Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front.”

In 2010, Buck founded Follow Through Consulting, LLC, and spent four years contracting with the Department of Defense as a member of the Joint Expeditionary Team (JET), advising and assisting combat units in Afghanistan. Follow Through has since focused on and expanded its training capabilities to include law enforcement and qualified civilians in addition to military units. Buck also provides consultation to companies in the area of product development (military & civilian equipment), team building, and leadership. He currently resides with his wife and daughters in the beautiful Cache Valley area of Utah.


I had spoken to Buck Doyle multiple times and I have shot with him a couple times prior to the class. I already knew he had a wealth of knowledge and had real experience in combat which together complemented each other.

Day one started with a classroom discussion regarding body positioning, ballistic performances, and shooting a carbine equipped with a magnified optic.

In many classes I find myself asking why did I bother to sign up during the first day (class too slow, material too basic, boring)- this was not the case here. The first course of fire was challenging and tested my knowledge of my scope, ranging, and wind. Day one’s first course of fire started with good winds and known distances of multiple targets from prone. Every course of fire afterwards built on the next.

The various courses of fire involved multiple targets at varying distances (~20-~450m), requiring prone, kneeling, shooting from barricades, running/sprinting, and using a primary optic as well as a secondary RDS.

Buck emphasized to me he won’t have two classes the same. They will always change. He is always looking to improve the experience and the further challenge the skills of the student.

The course was challenging and very enjoyable. I learned a lot about shooting with a scope. I have a great appreciation for an RDS for a secondary optic. I wish I had a first focal plane optic now that I understand. I want to shoot SPR’s now.

I used an 18” Frankenrifle with a Nightforce C478 2.5-10X32 with Mil-R and Trijicon RMR06 at 1 o’clock.

I had no issues with equipment. I was prepared for snow (which we had on day three). No malfunctions or ammunition problems.

Another thing I found was the overall experience put this course above others- there is a classroom portion, a range portion, and a social portion. Students have the option to stay at the Lodge at Red River Ranch . Food served there is quite good. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served there and you have the option to eat with the class, which added value for me to better understand my instructor and my classmates.

I highly recommend Buck’s courses. He offers this course in a “heavy” version for 7.62.



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