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Without seeing the big picture, many participants in various forums and social media outlets do not understand what impact a simple post or reply can cause. If we take multiple posts that provide similar bad information, will that provide a negative outcome for a reader?  Yes.

If we take multiple inexperienced people expounding on the virtues of “Subpar Option A” – will someone listen and follow? Yes.

When we see bad info or products endorsed within our sphere of influence, we as moderators are responsible to act. Much of that act is just asking “Why?” – most times that alone crumbles bad ideas.

Matt James posted:

“Imitation is indicative of the neophyte… who mimics without understanding or bothering to ask the “why” nor having the knowledge to see and judge good from bad.

This is a fancy way of say “you don’t know what you don’t know.” I get it. To some degree for people like us who understand or are beginning to understand the responsibility that comes with carrying a gun for a living or for personal protection that confronting the notion that we might be wrong or misled on something it can be a bit frightening.

For the majority of people here, its a good thing your willing to ask questions or take the time to get in the paint on various subjects. The one area I challenge people who fall within the novice category (and even those who consider themselves experienced) to remember is to not let being questioned about your methods, gear choices, etc… get under your skin. If your view point is challenged with a salient point, don’t take it as a personal attack because its generally not. A lot of guys (and gals) put a fair amount of their ego’s in to what they think they know, and when that notion is challenged people react as if they are being attacked personally. Step back, make sure your thinking of the issue at hand in the correct context (Military is not LE is not CCW for example), and reason through it objectively. You would be surprised at how much you can learn and how quickly you can cut out all the derp and bullshit you have been fed if you disentangle your emotional face hugger from your knowledge base.”



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