We Need To Make Murder Illegal.

OK I’m just thinking out loud here.

-Murder is illegal.

-Bad guy brings gun into school and kills people.

-Law enforcement in the immediate area do not intervene. They allow additional killings to occur.

-People that don’t understand firearms are trying to regulate them.

-Those same people also do not understand the difference between law abiding citizen actions and criminal behavior.

-The emotional response is to take guns away from everyone or at least regulate them further.

So disarm the public from defending themselves from people that have weapons… because the law abiding citizens will follow the law and the criminals won’t. (Hint: The criminals are still going to be armed because they are not going to be following these laws. [Further hint: Criminals are criminals because they don’t follow the law]).

As the media has pointed out law enforcement will not be guaranteed to save you – hell, law doesn’t even mandate it.

So no one is coming to save you and you can’t have optimal options with your defensive weapons because it upsets people… got it.

I’m still waiting to see this statistics on law abiding citizen mass shootings. It isn’t the law abiding citizen that needs further regulation. More laws aren’t the answer.

Remember? Murder is still illegal.


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