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In a discussion on Facebook the concept of a truck/trunk/SHTF gun came up. A serious discussion was had about combat around vehicles, optimal guns, and cover versus concealment (in regards to cars). It seemed there was a theme with some of the participants that they felt a truck gun was similar to a shovel – a tool that can be thrown in the back of the truck/car/trunk and no further care would be given. Worse was the concept that the cheapest option would be the best option.

So let’s think about this further. The fact a crappy gun is present is sufficient for their comfort – they have a safety blanket and all will be well. If you are committing this offense – think about it for a minute. Why do you have this gun? The purpose if this firearm is to help you survive (and maybe escape) a violent incident. Is an unmaintained cheap option going to fit that specific need? NO!!! There is a standard for weapons that one would rely on in life or death options, they typically run closer to the high end of the spectrum compared to the cheap options.

Instead of spending money on your “SHTF” truck gun, invest in some training. Make your primary carry a more effective option for you. Too many people buy more guns without any training with the guns they already own. Occasional shooting or competitions are not a replacement for actual training. Without training, you are a liability and you might as well take the strategy of many open carriers – hope.

It seems many apply this wrong logic of the truck gun to carry weapons, holsters and belts as well. The cheapest option is popular. This is blatantly obviously with about every open carrier I have ever seen. Many open carries have the hope the mere presence of a firearm will deter crime/violence – hope is not a plan of action. This hope is magnified by their lack of mindset. So here is the typical rundown – condition white, some form of holster that either helps you shoot yourself or is a $7 Cordura special with a suboptimal firearm. This strategy is no different than the crappy SHTF rifle.

If you feel your life is worth a $500 AR15 – you may need to reassess your life. I honestly believe your life is worth at least a $1000 AR15 and lots of training.

This doesn’t even address the poor judgment involved in the potential of leaving an unsecure firearm in an unattended vehicle.


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