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Police and the minimum requirement

I have always been a firearms enthusiast. I was surprised I wasn’t surrounded by like minded people when I went through the police academy. It wasn’t until I took further training beyond what is provided in law enforcement did I start seeing a bigger picture beyond just firearms. I learned how firearms, equipment, tactics, and training all work in concert. I also found this bigger picture was not an important aspect with many of my coworkers. This bigger picture is an important part of law enforcement; aspects within it can affect life or death outcomes. Originally posted May 21, 2015 The rest is here: http://soldiersystems.net/2015/09/14/matt-landfair-on-police-and-the-minimum-requirement/    
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Thought for the day.

If you have firearms and think you are ready for whatever and you don't train, you are wrong. If you think your weekly/monthly shooting trip with Skeeter is training, you are wrong. Unless you are doing this under the watchful eye of a VETTED instructor - it is practice or in most cases: ballistic masturbation. Practice most definitely does not make perfect. It only makes permanent. The more that we do, under the eyes of an instructor, will make us better. Training requires goals, purpose, actual instructors, and structure. Only under the watchful eye of a skilled instructor who provides immediate correction and feedback are you really going to become proficient. Before your next big purchase, consider spending that money on training. That is a Pat Rogers speech in my words.    
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