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After Action Reports

Follow Up on TC 3-22.9

A year ago, we finished the last edits on the TC 3-22.9 that published in May of 2016. For those that have taken the time to read this book, you know it’s very different than the books we have used since the 1970’s.  For those that haven’t, this post will hold less value because you… read more »

Opportunity Cost

This article begins in 2012, when I joined  It seemed to me to be a gathering of solid people giving out solid advice, so I started reading.  From what I have heard since, I really missed out on the heyday of M4C, just like I missed Lightfighter but I digress.  The threads were still… read more »

Pushing Your Capabilities

Pushing Your Capabilities Last spring now, I shot the randomized department qualification course at my old agency. This particular course of fire involved handguns from 3 yards moving back to 50 yards with no time limits. Accuracy standards were the entirety of a box the same size as the classic “Q” target. Ignoring the obvious issues… read more »

The Basics of Hosting a Training Class

By Adam Syfrett Many people entertain the idea of playing host to a professional instructor, in the hopes of potentially mitigating some of their own personal logistical hurdles that would be involved in travelling to seek training. Others seek to do it just for the free spot in class. If these are your only motivations… read more »

AAR: Follow Through Consulting – Scoped Carbine (Part Two: Day One)

Follow Through Consulting Scoped Carbine Class Teasdale, UT  March 18 – 20, 2016 By: Seth Young Continued from Part One: Part One. Training Day 1 – Friday In the morning we met at the cozy Red River Ranch lodge. After a delicious breakfast we met downstairs in the classroom for initial instruction. Buck gave us… read more »

AAR: Follow Through Consulting – Scoped Carbine (Part One: Introduction)

Follow Through Consulting Scoped Carbine Class Teasdale, UT  March 18 – 20, 2016 By: Seth Young Introduction One of my favorite weekend activities is hiking up into the mountains and target shooting. In order to continue developing this hobby I’ve taken several DMR/SPR style classes by now. A few have been small local get-togethers down… read more »

AAR – Vehicle Close Quarters Battle Instructor with William Petty

Class: Vehicle Close Quarters Battle (VCQB) Instructor Instructor: William Petty Location: 88 Tactical Lodge Tekamah, Nebraska March 29th to April 1st, 2016 *Most of the photos are from Mellor Photography and were provided to students for personal use*   Disclaimer: First off, to ensure everything is on the up and up, I received a compensated… read more »

An Armed Citizen’s Guide to the Online Firearms Galaxy

The internet is a wide open space with few rules and little supervision. Things in the real world such as credibility, lineage, and integrity can easily be counterfeited on the net and replaced with followers, likes, and SEO. If your hobby is of little consequence like, let’s say watch collecting, then the detriment in following… read more »