Sergeant Mark Renninger



By: Bill Blowers

Mark was running training one day. I think we were rotating through single room, decision making type hits. There was a newer dude on the team with about nine months on the team.

Dude is consistently fucking up the program. Big issue is lack of situational awareness and ability to see the room; angles and shapes. Mark is delivering the good news all day to dipshit. Dude finally has enough and says:

Dude: What do you want from me?!

Mark: I want you to see everything, process it at Pentium speed, come up with the solution, make ALL your fucking shots and be aware of everything going on around you at all fucking times.

Dude: I don’t think I can do that.

Mark: Then quit, don’t make your shortcomings this teams problems.

Best counseling ever. Mark’s legacy to my team and Pierce Metro was his dedication to pissing excellence.
Perform or get the fuck out.

Sergeant Mark Renninger was one of four officers murdered in Lakewood, WA  11/29/09.


Bill Blowers
Bill Blowers has been a police officer for over 20 years, prior to that he was in the US Army for six years. Bill is currently a Sergeant for a Municipal Agency in Washington State. He is assigned to his agencies training unit and is also a team leader on a large and active regional SWAT team. He has been assigned to SWAT since 1995 and has held positions such as Sniper, Ballistic Shield Carrier, Entry Team Member, and Assistant Team Leader. He has planned, or participated in, over 1000 missions and has in excess of 5000 documented training hours.


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