P&S Patreon Giveaway!

I’m thinking it’s time to do a giveaway drawing for when P&S reaches 800 Patreon subscribers as a thank you to our supporters!

Grand prize 1 used 870 police short barreled shotgun (SBS) and tax stamp (I will pay for it)**

2 runners up – 1 used 870 police SBS each, winners cover their stamps.**

*​Additional prizes winners will be drawn and be given lesser prizes the sooner the goal is reached.

Entries will correspond with your Patreon level.

Enthusiast – 1 entries
Network Support I – 2 entries
Network Support II – 3 entries
Network Support III – 4 entries
Network Support IV – 5 entries
Network Support V – 6 entries

Referrals will count towards your entries as well. The new subscriber must email to confirm you referred them at

Example- If they are subscribed as NSII you get 3 additional entries.

Figuring out b plan for restricted states and areas. An equal or greater value prize will be available- reconfigured 870, training credit to P&S instructor’s course, gift card to P&S advertiser’s business, etc.

Available CONUS only. Must be active Patreon Subscriber to claim.

​*additional winner opportunities end if the goal is not reached by August 01, 2018.

**all local, state, and federal firearms laws will be followed for this transaction.

​Clock starts now.


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