Point Shooting According To Roland


Point shooters practice using “muscle memory” to consistently repeat gun alignment to make shots. Through enough reps even a broken watch is right twice a day. But because this is not aimed fire and no attempt to find a dot or front sight post (FSP) was made the rep does not relate back to aimed fire practice other than maybe the draw.

Traditional shooting practice, moving into flash sight picture, and eventually down the slide, or in the glass built upon the exact same techniques- just allowing yourself to accept less optimal visual input as to the proper alignment of the weapon.

“Point shooting” as something you practice for instead of something that happens: think about Cowboy action hip shooting. Unaimed fire focusing on repeatable muscle actions, built up though exhaustive repetition. For some reason when you take the gun away from center of mass and all the sudden place it at the hip….. practicing point shooting seems a whole lot different.

A key element to today’s point shooters is they are trying to stay squared to use the tip of the modified isosceles triangle as their aiming reference- so punching out center line is important. How does that work when you don’t have that ability to square off?

Shooters who use their sights can point shoot if necessary, point shooters can use none of their training to line up some sights make an X ring at 25.

The transfer of practice of the two techniques flows only one way…..

You use a certain portion of overall training to practice battery failure and alternate sight alignment techniques. If you have full co-witness its not even that, you are just trying to shoot irons on an Red Dot Sighted gun and happen to accept the same amount of slop in that glass as you would if you were shooting a stage with irons and got a shit grip on the gun after reload…. you’ve trained your brain to know if you can make that shot the way the gun is aligned or not.

More of your regular gun marksmanship both irons and rod are carrying over to your equipment failure drill than you realize.

Maybe in the heat of a match we are just putting the gun forward and getting them out there because everything feels right….. but it was the 1000’s of rounds that you DID concentrate on the FSP or centering up that dot on where you want to hit as you stared past it at the target that allow you to “press out and shoot without seeing the sights” and that’s in quotes because people sometimes process faster than they can store information. I don’t ever remember my manual safety. But its always on when I look at it and somehow the gun went bang on target. Over time my brain has decided that “ain’t nobody time to remember that little shit” and it dumps it after I do it.

I believe the greats forget the sight pictures that didn’t matter and remember the ones they had to think about.


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