Not John Wick

There is a pervasive idea that seems to thrive with the gun owner demographic who think mere ownership equals mastery. These are the same people who are easily influenced by deceptive marketing because they do not have the means of seeing what is a good or bad idea on their own. They dismiss good quality equipment and training guided by critical thinking as “John Wick” or “Rambo”. That just tells you how they are the ones who play dress up. If they trained and tested their gear, they would quickly see the value in it and they would know their subpar choices are in fact bad.

Does this mean overkill isn’t possible? No. Many people go overboard with what they carry. The key is realistic carry- which involves critical and practical assessments based on your mission and needs. Is it possible to be completely minimalist with your options and be completely effective? Yes. Again, realistic assessments are key.

Relevant training and upkeep help maximize our equipment use. The options, that the opposite side of this ridicules, like shotguns and revolvers are beyond effective in the hands of a capable and well-trained user. The part that most fail to recognize is those well-trained effective users adjust their options according to their mission. Those effective users who carry minimalist do so on purpose. If they determined a double stack 9mm with red dot sight and weaponlight is needed for the day’s mission, they would carry it. That being said, those effective users are very rare compared to the average gun owner.


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