Multi-tiered Assessments to Choose the Right Weapon

According to me, there are a couple assessments to make when choosing a defensive option. Everything pictured is a viable option depending on task when fed the right ammo. The combination of weapon and right ammo meets the FBI calibrated ballistic gel testing.

Assessment #1 – Destination.
Where are you going and where are you traveling through? What is the danger or threat level there? If deemed dangerous, can it be avoided?

Assessment #2 – Mission.
What will you be doing at the destination? How does your mission/task relate to the destination?

Assessment #3 – What option helps accomplish your mission?
Serving a high risk warrant in a bad part of town or going to the beach to swim or just staying home all have different needs. Consider the dimensions of the weapon to determine how it fits your needs for the mission.

Dimensions to consider –
Size (length, height, width), weight, capacity, shape, caliber, support (holsters, optics, lights).

For example:
Top row full to mid sized 9mm pistols easiest to shoot well and greatest capacity, suitable for higher risk activity – most difficult to conceal.

2nd row down compact 9mm pistols still easy to shoot well with good capacity suitable for moderate risk – fairly easy to conceal.

3rd row down smaller 9mm, .327 Fed Mag, .38 pistols a little more difficult to shoot well with less capacity for backup to pistol above, lower risk or npe activity – easy to conceal.

Bottom row .380, .22, .22 Mag fairly easy to shoot well with less capacity for backup to weapons above, very low risk or npe activity – easy to conceal.

The pistols pictured are obviously not the only options available and they aren’t the only suitable options. The pistols featured are just ones I personally choose for various tasks. Additionally, this post only is covering weapon selection, not additional support equipment (lights, medical, etc).


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