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In order to make informed decisions we need accurate information. I’m not going to call the plumber if my car is having issues. I’m not going to ask random people on the street for financial advice.

Why are people relying on mainstream media for gun information?

There seem to be cheers from knowledgeable gun people when they hear news broadcasts say something accurate about firearms. Some movies are just popular due to their accurate portrayal of firearms. To quote my departed friend Pat Rogers – “That’s what we in law enforcement call a clue.” Misinformation is rampant. Accuracy of information shouldn’t be celebrated, it should be expected.

Why aren’t sources of information that provide wrong information held accountable?

Unfounded scares are on both sides of the issues which mainstream media does nothing to prevent, in fact they are a catalyst. If the media is telling the public the AR15 is a weapon of war that destroys whole city blocks with each trigger press of its full semi automatic capability and it shoots 30 magazine clips in half a second – people believe it. That sounds horrible and it should be taken off the street. It certainly isn’t good for hunting because no meat will be left on the animal…

The above is funny but those little remarks together or independent of each other make an impression on people who don’t know better. That impression is wrong. …And the 2nd Amendment is not protecting or addressing hunting by the way.

So we have a misinformed public who’s understanding of the world has been shaped by entertainment and misinformation fed by news media. This is all they know and to have them question that is disruptive. Shake someone’s core belief system and how do you think they will respond? I doubt hugs and appreciation will occur at first.

Our polticians are the ones drafting laws. Who elects politicians? Who have the ability to influence politicians? If you said the public, you might be right. What happens if the public does not have an accurate understanding of the issues? How can they make the right decision? In their hearts they are making the best possible decisions because they don’t know better. Unfortunately these misunderstandings are reinforcing bad policy and attempting to enact more laws and regulation.

If guns are bad, why are the politicians who are anti-gun own guns and rely on armed security? Are they better than those they represent?

How do we help fight misinformation?

Grass roots efforts. Be patient. Explain. Don’t argue. Best results- take people shooting in a safe environment and let them learn the basics first hand without media influence.

Right, Left, Pro-gun, Anti-gun – we are all on the same team and we all want the best for our children, families, and communities.


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