Leaping to Conclusions on Social Media

When someone posts a picture on social media, a lot of information beyond just what is featured in the picture is being shared. If it is one of those horrible “EDC drop” pictures where people are looking for praise and validation but not critical feedback, a lot can be gleaned from that picture. At the same time, information is simply not being presented and left to the viewer to make assumptions.

An example of a softball pitch post of cringe has traditionally been when someone posts five gas station knives, a proven poorly made pistol in a proven crappy holster, unnecessary accessories, and their vape- we either have a troll or someone who is without a frame of reference as to what good quality is or they do not know how mission drives the gear.

The two pistols featured in the picture below can say different things to different people- one is a Sig Sauer 365 while the other is a 1911 from Chambers Custom. In their current configuration, they are both using ten round capacity magazines. One is 9mm and one is 45acp- at the end of the day they are essentially doing the same thing ballistically. One is completely stock while the other is completely custom. One is a champion for many, favored for concealment while the other has a bit of a stigma attached to it by certain circles because it might be viewed as outdated. One is extremely small and compact while the other is considerably larger and heavier.

My mission or task is not shown in the picture. I do different things, wear different clothes, and go to different places which can alter what my acceptable choices for carry are. For me, going to to pool will have different choices from daily carry. What if I live at the pool? What might I consider EDC? I like to maintain different options but I also maintain a better level of performance and better quality at all levels.

My physical size is not a part of the picture. I have the ability to carry both in appendix with the right holsters without issue and they both conceal easily. If I can carry either without penalty, other more pressing factors will determine which is a better fit for my task at hand.

My skill level and experience are not part of the picture. I shoot the 1911 far better than the 365 – but I have no issue shooting the 365 well. I have found the 1911 has far greater shootability for me.

My mindset is not part of the picture. My mindset prioritizes performance and ability over comfort and concealment (within reason for the task). I prioritize the ability to put shots on target with greater speed and accuracy at greater distances.

I am a point in my life where I can have tools assigned to different tasks. I don’t need to have catchall options just due to my personal prioritization. These options have made life a little more simple. Sometimes people have a complete grasp of what they may face, purposely choose what they choose, and you just don’t have a say in it.

Sometimes we see these pictures and immediately make a judgment based on limited information. Most people do not provide clarification ahead of time in their post to resolve concerns of the readers.


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