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Introductions Part 2

Discussion in 'READ THIS FIRST' started by Riafdnal, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Ditch

    Ditch Newbie

    Hi all Ben here.
    Eastern North Carolina resident Former USMC Aircrew, competitive shooter, gear and knife nerd.
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  2. jeremy_p

    jeremy_p Newbie

    Jeremy, custom machine engineer, life long gun nerd.
  3. Gary M Byerly

    Gary M Byerly Newbie

    Gary, central NC. Gun junkie, competitive shooter, gun shop manager.
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  4. Eric Crombie

    Eric Crombie Newbie

    Eric, 9 year TXARNG NCO, Iraq veteran, unit armorer and small arms repair. AR15 owner and work for a firearms simulation company in Houston Tx
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  5. Hollywood

    Hollywood Newbie

    Bret - Currently GOV Contractor/Instructor in VA. PSD background.
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  6. C Rain

    C Rain Newbie

    Chris, 23 year LEO, credentialed firearms instructor since 2009, just now starting to figure it out!
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  7. Whatup Jeremy
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  8. jeremy_p

    jeremy_p Newbie

    Nothing much dude, just wishing I wasn't renting a house so I could get one if those rotty pups.
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  9. Gilevi

    Gilevi Newbie

    Levi, 15 years army infantry. Currently a weapons squad leader in MANG. Full time job is cop, been one for 9 years, dept armorer and firearms instructor.
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  10. Former Marine, current Grandpa.

    I am here to lurk, listen and learn.
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  11. Sunshine

    Sunshine Newbie

    Seven years in law enforcement for the first career. Now involved in related, but quieter, activities.
    Mostly interested in preparation for a totally unfair fight.... In my favor.
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  12. TimAL

    TimAL Newbie

    Hi my name is Tim. I currently live in Huntsville, AL. I have my CCW and help with security at the church that I serve at.
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  13. Vaall

    Vaall Newbie

    I'm Val, live in St. Louis, Missouri, civilian, LARP'ed a few carbine courses in the backwoods. Long time gun fanatic and interested in learning more about the firearms industry. Would love to get into it myself.
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  14. Sugar

    Sugar Newbie

    Marine infantry and OEF background. I now work in the private arena.
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  15. darbywpd

    darbywpd Newbie

    LEO since 1991 now the lead firearms instructor, Taser instructor, chemical munitions instructor, use of force instructor for my department. Patrol supervisor also
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