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Introductions Part 2

Discussion in 'READ THIS FIRST' started by Riafdnal, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Wes Raney

    Wes Raney Newbie

    Wes, firearms instructor, industry consultant, training junkie, occasional competitor, student of history.
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  2. Dan'l

    Dan'l Newbie

    Dan'l, retired instructor, refugee from another forum. I enjoy shooting, reading, motorcycling, and putting together rifles.
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  3. JBT-01

    JBT-01 Newbie

    Andrew, Reserve Deputy in South Carolina. Run a trucking business day to day.
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  4. IEDmagnet

    IEDmagnet Amateur

    Where in SC?

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  5. spinmove_

    spinmove_ Newbie

    My name is Zach.

    Non-mil, non-LE. Just a civilian that works in IT. I enjoy gaming, shooting, wine, scotch/bourbon/whisky, cigars, and hanging out with my wife, daughter, pets, and other family.

    I'm here to be a student and learn as much as I can. If I happen to help someone in the process I'll count that as a win too.
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  6. Mike C

    Mike C Newbie

    First name is Mike. Retired Army. Infantry guy, OIF and some time in the Balkans. Short stint in law enforcement. I've since turned Susie homemaker and it's no joke. Posting now because I realized I hadn't posed here yet after posting in another thread.
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  7. Edward Hull

    Edward Hull Newbie

    Active Army with 6 years until I'm eligible for retirement. I am a life long firearms enthusiast with a focus on pistols. Soon to be stationed on the west coast and looking forward to getting some training in the Seattle area.
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  8. Nomad_RC

    Nomad_RC Newbie

    Hi, I'm Ryan.

    Came here from following the P&S Modcasts (Please keep the Gun Nerds episodes coming!). I'm a mechanical engineer and a longtime student of the gun with a lot to still learn (grew up watching Dr. Atwater on History Channel and it was downhill from there). I've only been shooting for the last 12-13 years, been interested in firearms for probably twice that. I've shot a lot of competition and am looking to get more into good training to help me both as a shooter and as an engineer so all of you end users don't take our names in vain. :)

    In the interest of full disclosure, I am currently working in the firearms industry (9 years as a designer and a production engineer). I've also done freelance consulting and contracting work (wielding Solid Works/Solid Edge, not that kind of contracting) within the industry recently as well. As such anything posted here is strictly me speaking for me and not for any of my employers (past or present).
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  9. Torzoi

    Torzoi Newbie

    Rich, 16 years .mil 8 Active and 8 Reserve. 6 deployments, currently on my sixth one. I work as a fed in Acquisitions at DHS. Bored with the job and looking for something new. Each deployment makes me feel civilians at my job stress for no reason.

    I enjoy camping, shooting, wine, rum, whisky, bacon, and family.
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  10. TDUB

    TDUB Newbie

    Tony, municipal LE up in Canada working patrol. Firearms, DT, POST, Rapid Deployment instructor and just starting out on SWAT. Happy to be here to learn.
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  11. DoonBoggle

    DoonBoggle Newbie

    Firearms enthusiast, currently looking into gunsmithing schools, and an avid Diver(SCUBA, CCR and Surface Supplied Air).

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  12. gtmtnbiker98

    gtmtnbiker98 Newbie

    Eric, new here but not new to forums. I've heard that this is the place, but I've heard that about other forums but all have fell victim to over moderation and derp.

    Marine Corps veteran, 21 years active law enforcement, current department rangemaster for a small municipal department in southwest Ohio. OPOTA Firearms Instructor and Rangemaster (Givens) certified firearms instructor. I take the study defensive pistol craft very seriously and hope to benefit from the collective knowledge of this group.
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  13. Aaron,
    General contractor and kydex bender. Avid shooter, living the dream in the PNW. Training focused primarily on CCW pistol and tccc.
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  14. Hey folks.

    Jay from the Boise Idaho area. Sheet metal fabrication. No prior LE/MIL. Just a "gun guy" whose hobby is learning about shooting/self-defense/gun work.

    Referred here because of the Roland Special thread. Going to be a lurker for the most part.

    See ya'll around. Oh, and happy (soon-to-be) Independence day!
  15. My neck of the woods
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  16. Seraphium

    Seraphium Newbie

    Nate, 10 years in MN Guard with a deployment to Kuwait/Iraq as a gunner on a convoy security team as a 91F. I reclassed to 19D recently, but civilian side I am still a small arms repairer as a tech and I've been trying to change the way the state does marksmanship from that role. It's a slow process but that's why I'm here now.
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  17. Jake@OPFW

    Jake@OPFW Newbie

    Jake. 12ish years on active duty and still counting. One long trip to Iraq, two shorter ones to Afghanistan, one brief staff stint in Germany, and plenty more down the road in parts unknown. I've spent my entire career here at FBNC with the outlook being both grim and slim to go elsewhere. Long time firearms and hunting supporter, but I got into competition a little less than two years ago. I've been hooked since to the point of obsession. I come to the main site and listen to the YouTube broadcasts for training insight, confirmation of beliefs, that sort of thing. Also, recently started developing my own website. To say it is in its infancy is an understatement. Fetal stages is more accurate. I hope to contribute some valuable information as well as learn from some of the old-heads.
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  18. WAVandal

    WAVandal Newbie

    James, LEO in Western WA and former car salesman. Spend most of my time shooting pistol and ARs. Recently got hooked on long range PRS competitions.
    I read a lot and comment very little.
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  19. Troepie

    Troepie Newbie

    Hi All Andrew here.

    Live in South Africa,did 3 years military service. Now self employed in a small coastal town. Involved with anti poaching and helping out with police force on response on certain calls.
    Into quite a few things,biking probably the biggest.
    Heard that this is the place to visit,no BS just good info. Always keen to learn new things.
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  20. Liberty_1775

    Liberty_1775 Newbie

    Hi all! I'm Caleb.
    I live in Wisconsin near the MN border and shoot as much as I can.
    I have some military experiance as a Combat Engineer and work for a big box firearms retailer at the corporate level currently.
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