Carbine and Rifle Show Off Thread!


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BCM 14.5"
Nightforce NX8 with Geissele 2.04 Mount
Aimpoint T2
B.E. Meyers MAWL
Unity Taps
Surefire M600 Scout
Surefire Warcomp :: Warden
Arisaka Mount
Geissele SD-C
Raptor Charging Handle (Agency Arms Edition)
Magpul Mag Release, Stock, M2 PMag with Magpod
BCM Gunfighter Pistolgrip

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May I ask what offset Aimpoint mount you're using and how is the visual clearance with the MAWL and light? Does it obstruct a large part of the view through and around the optic?

Gambit Zeta

Network Support I
Because I didn’t know any better at the time. Windham weaponry mid length. Only a couple thousand rounds down the tube. No problems yet. Troy grip and rear sight, roschworks front plus surefire, law folder, Gucci charging handle, vtac sling. Purely a house gun. And fun of course. Being non mil/le this is ok for now. Had I known I would’ve saved up and gone for a bcm or similar instead.


This gun now wears a T2 on Geissele 1.93 mount. Still need a blue force gear sling and Surefire m600DF.
IMG-2718 - Copy (2).JPG
Noveske barrel, upper and lower, bolt, Geissele trigger charging handle and rail, super 42, and BE Meyers fh
DD Mk18 complete upper ( with newer ~.070 gas port)
Aero Precision lower built with LMT parts kit/receiver extension and H2 buffer
ALG ACT trigger
T1 on a DD mount
Streamlight railmount HLX
Magpul and Troy BUIS
Magpul furniture
VTAC padded sling