Five on Friday 3-17


This is a weekly feature blog post composed of a selection of items from around the web that I read this week; five links and a cool Instagram photo to grab attention. It’s not all firearms or duty related. Some items are current events, some are industry news, some are technology. It’s going to be all over the place with the only central theme being that I read it some time this week and found it interesting.

Since we have a Facebook Group for just about everything, discussion of anything read here is encouraged in the appropriate group or forum section. Have a great weekend!


Precision strikes burned the planes in hardened aircraft shelters. Russia goes hysterical [PHOTO]


New Research Division Publication – Handbook of Russian Information Warfare


Samsung’s Tizen is riddled with security flaws, amateurishly written


US Army Considers Adopting an Interim Battle Rifle in 7.62 NATO


US Navy grounds T-45 training jet fleet following Fox News report



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