Don't Be A Sheepdog

The ability of a person to protect themselves and their family is not only their right, it is their responsibility. People shouldn’t need to wait on the police (or sheepdogs) to come and protect or save them.

My primary employment is working as a police officer. I recognize there are those officers with a just a job versus having a passion for it. As one who has a passion for it, I don’t need special recognition or something to show others I am in a class apart from society. I am no different from anyone else except for my job – just like a plumber, editor, lawyer, politician, manager, etc is no different from others. (Laws also do not care what our jobs are because they apply to all of us equally.)

A blue line does not represent me. The concept of being a sheep dog does not apply to me.

I do feel a duty to serve others and even protect others – but that is not unique to being a police officer. We have people among us daily who exemplify these qualities who are church leaders, school teachers, parents, you name it. Instead of seeking praise or means of separating yourself from “the flock” – be part of the flock. You can help protect while being a positive example to others by being a good person, be charitable, use common decency, help others, use critical thinking. These qualities positively affect others far more than advertising that you are a thin blue line sheepdog.


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