DIY isn’t always the best option…



A great example of how poorly understood this platform really is.  This hack job was done by a professional gunsmith.
What started out as a solid CHF Centurion 16″ carbine barrel…is now an example we will use in an Armorers course.
A customer had a 16″ barrel with carbine gas system…with an appropriate gas port for that config. This barrel was made by FN, and sold by Centurion (both awesome companies.)
The customer took this barrel to a gunsmith to be cut down to an 11.5″ barrel. It was cut, recrowned, and threaded beautifully…but it won’t run.


Because the gunsmith never bothered to open the gas port to compensate for the reduction of dwell time.
The customer was frustrated the gun wouldn’t run and sought help on the internet…where all the experts live.
He was wrongly informed his problem was gas block alignment and was instructed to dimple his barrel…with a hand drill, and no jig.
You can see how awesome that turned out…001




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