Conflicting SDZ’s


We’re continuing our discussion on Surface Danger Areas (SDZ’s). Specifically, we will be discussing how they conflict with each other. I will be using Macridge impact area here on Fort Bragg, NC for our discussion.

Delta company, 2-505 PIR occupied range 44 on the eastern side of the impact area. When they briefed range control during the range conference the week prior, they said the were only firing the M3 MAAWS. The day of the range, they decide to do some familiarization training with the M2A1. 50 caliber Machine gun.

Meanwhile, Charlie company 2-504 PIR is over on range 66E (highlighted in blue on the left side of the picture). They are using the range as a known-distance range, and have personnel in the pits operating the manual target lifters while they are zeroing the M150 RCO at 100 yards. Distance X on the M33 ball ammunition being fired from range 44 is 6500 meters. This means that soldiers on range 66E are in jeopardy of being hit by projectiles from range 44.

This is why it is essential for units to only conduct training they have briefed to range operations. While you may not see it right away, there may be lasting implications to other units or range operations personnel on Fort Bragg.

In addition to this, there are several range complexes on Fort Bragg whose range managers need to be briefed and a terrain walk conducted at least a month out from the range. Once that terrain walk has been done, there can be no deviation from the plan. This is why it is so critical to plan events in advance. For any range that is a maneuver range, a firing column must be assigned, and someone who understands the overall range concept must be present at the range conference the Thursday before the range. If not, the training will not be conducted.

So to sum up, we’ve discussed how Surface Danger Zones conflict, why it is important for units to conduct the exact training they’ve briefed either the range manager or range operations and what the timeline is for briefing the range manager and range operations. We will begin our discussion on how to integrate the IWTS with the gun line.



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