Ideas & Concepts,

Tactical, cold, wind, rain, survive.

Here are some things to consider regarding layering and desolate areas. The land of many mountains, high desert and high winds can make for a challenging way to manage your body heat while working with tacti-cool gear. The critical issue is to maintain a balance of body core temperature and


The Red Dot Field Of View.

With magnified optics a larger field of view is absolutely desirable. Even shooting with both eyes open that larger field of view (FOV) lets you see more through that magnified window. Sometimes with red dot sights (RDS) we shift all of our focus to our dominant eye, a larger window


Accuracy and Optics Placement

Accuracy by volume is a great concept; however time is working against you with that process. In order for us to be efficient little gunfighters we need true accuracy; accurate with each shot. This all starts with us the shooter. We need a good foundation of the basics to be


Light and the Inverse Square Law

By Michael Johnson So I've debated posting this for a while because I'm not a firearms expert (not even close), but I wanted to share some knowledge that I do have that I don't think most people understand. I work as a photographer and thus my expertise is in light


SME/Mods/Instructors Titles on Forums

Insight by Shane Fitch Not all Forums are created equal. Just because you see someone has a SME/Mod/Instructor/whatever title doesn't necessarily mean that that person is qualified for that title. Yes, there are exceptions to this. Use care and caution when taking in information. As with anything else, check other


Stop Blinding Yourself

  People that complain about too much light from flashlights or weaponlights seem to have the same weakness in their argument as those who argue against 9mm. Too much light blinds me, the reflection into the wall/mirror gets to me / 9mm doesn’t get the job done, it’s too weak.


Be Like Han

Training helps you be like Han. You will process information faster. Your response will be faster. You can be like Han. What training has helped you be like Han?

Emotion is Soft and Cuddly (and Sometimes Bad)

Emotion is soft and cuddly.  It is comfortable. Emotion is reassuring.  Emotion makes bad decisions. Emotion does not have a place with your decision on guns, gear, and/or training. Effective options are the ones that help win the fight. People’s sentimental attachments to antiquated options that do not perform as


Nuances of Detecting Danger

  In my family I am known to spot celebrities on a regular basis. What is more horrifying is that I usually talk to them. This super power is a side effect of my habit of sizing up and assessing people. Why do I do it? I’m looking for suspicious


Weapons For Home Defense

The ability to protect ourselves and our loved ones at home is of paramount importance.  With this in mind it is best to understand the options available to maximize your effectiveness if you need to use deadly force in defense of yourself and your family while at home. Before delving