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Being Prepared For All Seasons: Through Layer Selection

When dressing before I head out, I like to ask myself, “can I reasonably change a tire, dressed as I am, with the full range of weather and temperatures for today?” From time to time, we must all deal with weather-effects outside of our norm, while still taking on tasks and problems. This may happen… read more »

The Fight Picks You

By: “Frank Woods”, NYPD I have something to say. I will try to keep this short and simple. If you are in Law Enforcement and thus have the authority/ability/permission to carry a concealed weapon on your person when in plain clothes off duty, and you don’t, you are either lazy, or you have your head up… read more »

Autopsy Of A Rifle: DPMS Oracle 5.56mm

Part 1: Overview This is a factory new DPMS Oracle. And, it’s the first rifle featured in our “Autopsy” series. This rifle was unboxed and fired for function. 60 rounds of M193 were fired to test for any obvious issues which would eliminate it as a candidate for this series. This is an objective review,… read more »

AAR: DARC Tactical Urban Sustainment Course (TUSC)

Multiple vehicle drill, contact left and front vehicle is disabled. Moving to the shoot house. AAR: DARC Tactical Urban Sustainment Course (TUSC) 4-7, 20 SEP 2015 By: John D. Remf What this AAR isn’t: A complete breakdown of the TTP’s and minutia taught in the class. There are reasons for this. The most important is without… read more »

DIY isn’t always the best option…

  A great example of how poorly understood this platform really is.  This hack job was done by a professional gunsmith. What started out as a solid CHF Centurion 16″ carbine barrel…is now an example we will use in an Armorers course. A customer had a 16″ barrel with carbine gas system…with an appropriate gas… read more »

What is quality?

  What is quality? According to the American Society of Quality, quality is – 1. the characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs; 2. a product or service free of deficiencies in“fitness for use;” or in a “conformance to requirements.” You see the problem lies… read more »

Tactical, cold, wind, rain, survive.

Here are some things to consider regarding layering and desolate areas. The land of many mountains, high desert and high winds can make for a challenging way to manage your body heat while working with tacti-cool gear. The critical issue is to maintain a balance of body core temperature and also minimize perspiration which will… read more »

The Red Dot Field Of View.

With magnified optics a larger field of view is absolutely desirable. Even shooting with both eyes open that larger field of view (FOV) lets you see more through that magnified window. Sometimes with red dot sights (RDS) we shift all of our focus to our dominant eye, a larger window can be beneficial. Dave Merrill… read more »

Accuracy and Optics Placement

Accuracy by volume is a great concept; however time is working against you with that process. In order for us to be efficient little gunfighters we need true accuracy; accurate with each shot. This all starts with us the shooter. We need a good foundation of the basics to be able to function efficiently and… read more »

Light and the Inverse Square Law

By Michael Johnson So I’ve debated posting this for a while because I’m not a firearms expert (not even close), but I wanted to share some knowledge that I do have that I don’t think most people understand. I work as a photographer and thus my expertise is in light and working with light. With… read more »


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