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“That Guy”: Gearing Up

Know your goal. Know your role. Slow your roll. We live in a world of appearances. It’s unavoidable when most of the data we accumulate is visual. How we look is important and can play a large part in what social groups we to which we gain entry. If you show up to your office… read more »


  Why Do I OPFOR? By: Arien Lee Everyone has an activity they find enjoyable. Mine happens to be a living, breathing, aggressive, reactive meat target for a local training facility known as Direct Action Resource Center (DARC).  When people find eventually find out what I do, the common question “Why? Doesn’t that hurt?” shows up…. read more »

Basic Wound Ballistic Terminal Performance Facts

By: Dr. Gary K. Roberts 8/23/11 The last 30 years of modern wound ballistic research has demonstrated yet again what historical reports have always indicated–that there are only two valid methods of incapacitation: one based on psychological factors and the other physiological damage. People are often rapidly psychologically incapacitated by minor wounds that are not… read more »

Armorer Liability: Minimizing Risk and Exposure

Armorer Liability: Minimizing Risk and Exposure By: Chad Mercer There is a lot of confusion about liability, people hear that word and immediately associate it with criminal or civil. I am going to parse some words and offer some guidance so you know what my concerns are. Granted, I worked in a Federal Armory and… read more »

How I Was “That Guy” but Avoided Being *That Guy*

How I Was “That Guy” but Avoided Being *That Guy* By: Jonathan Halek   “People, men especially, avoid doing things they don’t do well”. If you consume enough media on defensive firearms use, you’ll come across this phrase often. It’s usually in the context of “weak” or “support hand” shooting, but I’ve heard it related to malfunction… read more »

The prevailing Ego in the world of training The prevailing Ego in the world of training Soldier Systems posted another great Gunfighter moment with Ken Hackathorn last week and something stood out to me: “… Recently, one of the other Alias instructors detailed his method of always engaging the safety (of an AR or AR control style) firearm for all things when not… read more »

You know what really grinds my gears?

  I remember when I first learned how to ride a bike without training wheels(at the tender age of 19). I said to my dad, ‘Dad, I can walk just fine. I’m not comfortable on a bike. It doesn’t work for me. Walking works for me.’ My dad looked at me and said, ‘Son, riding… read more »

Why I Have A Red Dot On My Pistol – Part 2

After receiving a lot of great feedback regarding my first offering, I decided to write a follow up article based on the questions I received. Again, I want to reiterate that I am by no means a subject matter expert. I am sharing this as a regular guy that trains a lot (400 to 600… read more »

Why I Have A Red Dot On My Pistol – Part 1

Red Dot Sights (RDS) are possibly the single biggest innovation on the pistol platform in recent years. But just like any “new” thing, it has its evangelists and its naysayers. Is it a valuable tool to help you protect you and your loved ones or is it just an expensive accessory to live out your… read more »

Just as good as…

No not everyone can build an AR. Stick with a known quantity. Today I had a student who’s carbine was experiencing both timing issues and failures to eject (stove pipes) consistently. It was a tell tale over gassed carbine with a weak extractor. I passed him my SBR to let him finish the day and… read more »


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