The Tolerance-Stacking of Errors and Zeroing


For Training Tuesday, we are re-posting an article by Ash Hess talking about zeroing your weapon effectively.

Engineers talk about tolerance stacking when it comes to malfunctions of parts. It is the same thing when it comes to your zero. If you accept being off one inch at 25 meters, you will be off 12 inches at 300 meters. That is just based off the zero. I haven’t even introduced shot process errors, or accepting a 6.5 MOA group at 300 meters over a 4 MOA group, which is what everyone should be holding, or environmental factors like wind. Add on top of that most Soldiers feel rushed during zero because they didn’t receive a good PMI prior to coming to the range, and you have a Soldier who is going to have problems zeroing.

Leaders of all types need to understand that PMI and zeroing sets the foundation for the rest of the training conducted; from qualification through collective training. If a Paratrooper doesn’t have a good zero, they will not be successful.

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Inches, Minutes, Clicks- Zero That Blaster


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