The prevailing Ego in the world of training


The prevailing Ego in the world of training

Soldier Systems posted another great Gunfighter moment with Ken Hackathorn last week and something stood out to me:

“… Recently, one of the other Alias instructors detailed his method of always engaging the safety (of an AR or AR control style) firearm for all things when not shooting, including reloading when empty and clearing a malfunction. Mike and Pat are professionals that I have the highest level of respect for. However, I do not teach, nor recommend engaging the safety for every task…”

If you don’t know Ken Hackathorn’s background Google is your friend. If you do then you understand this is a man who has every right to jump up and down and generally throw a fit when he doesn’t agree with some one else’s teaching. He’s been teaching for longer than many of his students have been alive and his mark can be seen on the training used by nearly every instructor teaching modern gunfighting.

Here’s where we can all step back and take a note; Ken doesn’t throw a fit, he doesn’t start name calling and he doesn’t insult or downplay the other technique. Ken simply remarks that it’s not what he teaches. He even goes so far as to give credence to the other instructors.

So why is this? Why doesn’t Ken throw his proverbial weight around? My take: He doesn’t have to! Ken has been teaching long enough to know that there are many means to an end. Your system doesn’t have to be his system and we don’t all have to agree. If you disagree state why just like Ken did in his article and leave it at that. The only thing we accomplish by attacking other trainers is showing our own ass. Guess what, if you jump up and down and start the name calling you’ll seem a lot like a 3 year old won’t you.

I see this more and more these days. We are all used to the derp who just can’t STFU behind the safety of his keyboard; Internet forums are rife with them. It’s one thing to become angry when someone tells you your spikes tactical lower isn’t any more efficient just because you went all arts and crafts on the roll markings… What really gets me is when, “respected” trainers start acting like like spoiled little brats every time someone questions their curriculum.

You didn’t ask for it but I’m gonna give you my opinion anyway:
If you are confident enough to call yourself an instructor you should be competent enough to intelligently explain your techniques!


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