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Terror, Violence, and The Modern Police Officer

The war on terror sparked on September 11th, 2001. When the U.S. was attacked on its own soil it opened eyes of police forces to upgrade equipment prior to becoming a liability to save lives of citizens and LE in an armed conflict.  The public expects law enforcement to intercede


AAR – Vehicle Close Quarters Battle Instructor with William Petty

Class: Vehicle Close Quarters Battle (VCQB) Instructor Instructor: William Petty Location: 88 Tactical Lodge Tekamah, Nebraska March 29th to April 1st, 2016 *Most of the photos are from Mellor Photography and were provided to students for personal use*   Disclaimer: First off, to ensure everything is on the up and


So you want to be in Law Enforcement?

  I'm generally going to be writing about my experiences, and the experiences I've heard from others, regarding various academies and departments (not just my agency's). This is just a broad overview for areas that tend to overlap, not just the jail/street thing, but the common events/situations in all academies