Sierra Tac 2 Point Adjustable Sling


I had this sling on a rifle from February 2016 to January 2017  as a T&E at request of the owner/designer.

The Sierra Tac sling is similar to function with other 2 point adjustable slings on the market, except it has a adjustment slider that is made just for Sierra Tac. The adjuster is machined from a single billet of aluminum. Its made in America and sewn by Americans.

To use the sling, you simply attach it at your preferred forward and reward placement (2” behind the gas block of a Carbine length gas system and outside rear stock is my preference). To adjust sling tension, you grasp the slider and move forward or backwards. While using the sling, I found that grabbing the whole slider mechanism makes it easier to loosen the sling. To tighten the sling, I grab the protruding part only. See below pictures for more detail on how. It adjusts very smoothly both in and out, a feature some 2 point slings do not have.

The length of the sling is perfect for my use, both in a neck loop or in a over/under shoulder method. I can adjust the sling for wear over a t-shirt, soft body armor, plate carrier or combination of the soft armor/PC. I don’t use padded slings unless worn without armor typically, due to armor negating the advantage of padding. Compared to other padded slings, the Sierra Tac is thin and light on padding, but as I said, I only need this when worn over a t-shirt. The amount of padding has felt perfectly comfortable no matter what the layers of clothing have been.

Downside. I’ve noticed a few times that the tension on the sling/adjuster has come loose and the sling has then gone to full extension. I can’t duplicate this under intentional use on the range, dry practice, or house clearing. However, I have noticed that this is when the rifle is not in a use carry position, but more of an “admin” role like slung on my back while teaching.  This has also happened when the rifle is sitting around (gun safe for example). In conversation with the designer and other users, it appears the reason for this is the following. When friction/pressure is applied on the sling, the slider is under friction based tension. This stops the sling from moving. Remove the pressure, it freely moves. This doesn’t make the sling impossible to adjust though when under pressure. The material is somewhat slick when new, which might contribute to this. The slider uses friction and tension to lock and unlock. Coarser webbing makes for a more locked feel for the sling adjustment. With the more locked feel it seems to make for a slightly more cumbersome adjustment.

Seen here in use:

After 6 months of use so far, The Sierra Tac 2 point sling has joined the very short list of slings I use.


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