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OGW: SHOT Show 2016 Rifle Package Raffle

Operation Grace White‘s rifle is all finished, assembled and ready for the trip to SHOT! Many thanks to the good folks over at Leupold Optics, Hill People Gear, Lone Star Medics and MTAC for adding some great items to the OGW SHOT Show Raffle! A lot of y’all have already bought your raffle tickets and,… read more »

Perspective in training

Photo Courtesy of Norwegian Army By: Tore Haugli They say that the devil is in the details – that is true. However, I sometimes think that there is a lot of useless detail being propogated, as well as focus on problems that really aren’t worth the time spent on them. When I was in the… read more »

SHOT 2016: New From HSGI

High Speed Gear Inc. (HSGI) announces several new products at SHOT 2016.  These include several new variations of the popular TACO pouches as well as updated versions of their Slim-Grip and Sure-Grip padded belts. All are available as of this posting.  Press release and pictures are republished below: SWANSBORO, North Carolina – Jan. 14, 2016… read more »

OGW SHOT Show Raffle!

UPDATE!!! Sneak peak at the rifle fresh out of cerakote! Many thanks to the good folks over at Leupold Optics, Hill People Gear, Lone Star Medics for adding some great items to the OGW SHOT Show Raffle! The Leupold folks have sent a killer LCO optic to for the rifle. Hill People Gear have graciously… read more »

The New ATF Rules on NFA Trusts and How They Affect You!

By: Mark Toronjo 41(f) And You! What do you need to know and how does it affect you? As you are most likely aware the ATF proposed a rule change in 2013 to close the “Trust loophole” for NFA transfers. This proposed change would require all “Responsible Persons” to the legal entity, Trusts, corporations,… read more »

Hickory Shampoo

It’s here… (Well the pre order is at least) I present to you my SHOT Show 2016. This is a joint fundraising efforts between Primary & Secondary and Those who have walked a beat or been around the block know all to well how effective “Hickory Shampoo” can be when applied correctly. Fo Reelz, it… read more »

What Rig Should I Get For Class?

I often get this question.. what rig should I get for Class? Considerations to be made before asking this are – 1) consult instructor for recommendations 2) consult prior attendees 3) what do you carry now? 4) how will this choice alter your current direction as a class rig for most shall not be any… read more »

The Gimmick of Blood Type Patches

BY: Tore Haugli Blood type patches and why they are nothing more than gimmicks. I was asked to type out a short post detailing why these kinds of patches – blood types, NKDA etc – are totally useless for real world application. 1. No professional pre-hospital medical provider will look for, or TRUST, medical information found… read more »

Effective Social Media Moderators

Without seeing the big picture, many participants in various forums and social media outlets do not understand what impact a simple post or reply can cause. If we take multiple posts that provide similar bad information, will that provide a negative outcome for a reader?  Yes. If we take multiple inexperienced people expounding on the… read more »

Thoughts On Civilian Response To An Active Shooter

By: Michael Bronson I always ask people’s plans as civilian response to active shooter. Far too many haven’t thought things out, let alone properly trained for it. There’s a rolling gunfight in a mall – how do you distinguish and target discriminate bad guys from good guys? How are you handling possible fellow CCWers? What… read more »