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AR in the Car: A Common Misconception.

  After recent events, I have heard many discuss the need to carry armor and additional weapons in their vehicles in case they encounter a terrorist action. There is a disconnect with reality for most when it comes to these concepts. If one finds themselves within an incident like the terrorist


Sergeant Mark Renninger

  By: Bill Blowers Mark was running training one day. I think we were rotating through single room, decision making type hits. There was a newer dude on the team with about nine months on the team. Dude is consistently fucking up the program. Big issue is lack of situational


So you want to be in Law Enforcement?

  I'm generally going to be writing about my experiences, and the experiences I've heard from others, regarding various academies and departments (not just my agency's). This is just a broad overview for areas that tend to overlap, not just the jail/street thing, but the common events/situations in all academies


Quality Assurance in the Selection of Equipment & Information.

Quality Assurance in the Selection of Equipment & Information. By: Frank Woods (NYPD) What is "the best?" This isn't so much a subjective matter, as it one of observation. To start, let's determine what it is not: - Best is not determined by a cabal of industry & marketing masterminds


Know your enemy – Law Enforcement Budget Pro-Tips

I am by no means an expert on police budgets. I have learned a thing or two that might be relevant to guys in my region only since most PD's seem to have the same general budgeting system. What follows is just some things that I have done to increase


Sentinel Concepts Low Light Handgun and Carbine AAR

Sentinel Concepts Low Light Handgun and Carbine AAR Instructor: Steve Fisher By: Joshua Lepselter ***[Note: the attached pictures show the light setup on the rifle and the splashback experienced from the light being so far behind the front sight]*** "If there is a 50% chance of rain, you'd carry an


“That Guy”: Gearing Up

Know your goal. Know your role. Slow your roll. We live in a world of appearances. It's unavoidable when most of the data we accumulate is visual. How we look is important and can play a large part in what social groups we to which we gain entry. If you



  Why Do I OPFOR? By: Arien Lee Everyone has an activity they find enjoyable. Mine happens to be a living, breathing, aggressive, reactive meat target for a local training facility known as Direct Action Resource Center (DARC).  When people find eventually find out what I do, the common question “Why?


Basic Wound Ballistic Terminal Performance Facts

By: Dr. Gary K. Roberts 8/23/11 The last 30 years of modern wound ballistic research has demonstrated yet again what historical reports have always indicated--that there are only two valid methods of incapacitation: one based on psychological factors and the other physiological damage. People are often rapidly psychologically incapacitated by


Armorer Liability: Minimizing Risk and Exposure

Armorer Liability: Minimizing Risk and Exposure By: Chad Mercer There is a lot of confusion about liability, people hear that word and immediately associate it with criminal or civil. I am going to parse some words and offer some guidance so you know what my concerns are. Granted, I worked