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My updated battle belt setup.

Added Eleven 10 tourniquet holder with a Safariland ELS system. Safariland mag holder for a 20 round mag and same ELS system. Eleven 10 glove pouch connected to the Esstac mag holder. A HSGI taco pistol holder for my Leatherman Mut.

Everything else I believe is the same as before.

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HSGI Cobra 1.75 Operator IDR Belt
- 2x HSGI Pistol Magazine Pocket
- Blue Force Gear Medium Dump Pouch
- SOTech Viper IFAK
- Tactical Tailor Multi Tool Pouch
- Unknown handcuff pouch
- Safariland 6354DO (Glock 17, DeltaPoint, X300U)
- Tactical Tailor Knife Pouch (OC)
- Benchmade strap cutter

Andrew Gutt

Blue alpha molle inner out setup. I live the inner for edc. Safariland holster, Don’t want to loose the blaster when I’m wallering around. Esstac pouches they work. Mag layout is weird but I shoot rifle lefty and pistol righty. Took the blade, threw it in the bag. I’m not a knife fighter.7AE602E1-553C-422D-82A6-81B052E5B2B9.jpeg


HSGI Laser
Esstac single pistol & single rifle pouches
Safailand 774 competition rifle pouch
ELG Loppy dump pouch
HSGI single pistol taco
Surefire E2
SBF Custom Kydex P320C holster *(fits both the 9 and 45 and uses a torsion screw to adjust for either or)
**(this decision was made so if there was ever another 2013 like NOW I could use either or.)

I too am right handed but am left eye dominant. The SBR is for my driveway special, home, and in state. The legal length is for when traveling out of state or standby to the main.


Joe _K

Safariland RDS Holster
DIY Single Mag Pouch turned Blowout pouch
Snake Eater Tactical Mesh everything bag
ITW Gen 4 M4 pouch
2x ITW Pistol Mag pouches.
Going to add a BFG Boo-Boo pouch for Batteries, Bic lighter, multi tool, Jolly Ranchers, Allen and Torx Bits etc.
and a BFG Double M4 pouch to fit some more medical stuff in.


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Joe _K

The outer belt on the CHLK has been awesome so far. The only thing I’d like to do to it would be add a retainer strap that keeps the two ends from sliding at all, and rigging up something on the inner belt to keep it from coming apart when using it as a carry to the range belt.

Pat Tarrant

Custom testicles
Staff member
I've gone slimmer and slimmer as the years go by. This is my most recent and slimmest setup, to be worn over a decent belt.

Belt is a Velocity Jungle belt. It is a bit light and flexible for a gun belt and is very easy to overload. I do very much like this belt for its light weight, slim profile, and flexibility. My fix for weight is to use keepers. I do have a Velocity Systems Operator Utility belt as well for intentionally heavier loads.

Holster is a Safariland ALS on a QLS mounted to a 1.5" drop.

Pouches consist of a single BFG pistol ten speed, a BFG flapped pistol pouch, two double M4 mag pouches (usually only use a single mag in the forward most pouch and keep the other empty but available). Last is a BFG ten speed dump pouch.

My IFAK is in a fanny pack that I can layer. I do have a Dark Angel kit on my heavier belt, but this one is dedicated to being as slim and light as practical.

I chose the flapped pouches for greater retention. While this does add some bulk compared to ten speeds, this belt is more for movement and mobility than fighting. I've used it in a couple 2 Gun matches and plan to use it during future classes as well. So far I definitely appreciate the very low profile of this belt even with the increased flexibility. It is admittedly a bit more of a niche setup.