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Warbelt setups

Discussion in 'Combat Loadout' started by Riafdnal, Feb 10, 2015.

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  2. JohnsonCityTN

    JohnsonCityTN Newbie

    I wear a duty belt 40+ hrs a week that's loaded with shit I wish I could put on my belt.

    There's no need for me to have a radio, baton, OC, and two cuffs on my belt, but my dept says otherwise.

    so because of that, I have a fairlyrics slim belt setup. I use a dsg 1.75in belt with a velcro inner. On it is a safariland ALS for my sig p320 with tlr1-hl, two esstac pistol pouches, an AR mag pouch from esstac, and a dump pouch.

    I hate having a ton of shit on my hips. They feel like shit after being cramped in a squad car all day as it is
  3. Arty_mech

    Arty_mech Newbie

    I'm currently using a crye MRB as my war belt. I have 10 speed pouches for two pistol mags and one AR mag. Also using a single pistol pouch for a small multitool along with a mp7 pouch for my CAT TQ. 6355do with a mid ride ubl. Waiting on the micro TKN to come back in stock for my IFAK. I found the MRB to be a very lightweight and slim setup that when used with the provided trouser belt becomes an all around great setup. Getting in and out of vehicles is a non issue. Super comfortable. Actually wore it all day at the range this weekend. Compared to some of the older padded belts I have used in the past, this thing is light years ahead.

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  4. JHaddock07

    JHaddock07 Amateur

    This is a class / range / hunting rig. Therefore, I do not need an active retention system in the holster since I'm not using this in a potentially combative environment where a gun grab is a concern, so as long as I keep the combat rolls to a minimum I shouldn't lose the gun.

    I opted to use tacos for the modularity aspect of being able to jam different calibers in them should I shoot with something other than my Fauxland Special.

    This particular dump pouch takes up minimal real estate so that's a plus

    The med kit is a working prototype, and I'm waiting for a sew shop to add an elastic band on top of the outer sleeve so I can keep a T.Q. Handy. Additional medical supplies stored in the outer sleeve to treat various GS wound possibilities.

    The belt is modular in that I can throw an HSGI micro grip panel from HSGI on it, or use a loop lined inner belt to keep things in place. (Not pictured but I have currently opted for a Stormrider Gear "underlord" belt that feeds through the belt loops of whatever pants I'm wearing).

    As much as I do not care for T-Rex Arms as a company, their holster offering is by far the most modular for my needs / use since it has the capability of connecting to the Safariland QLS system (as pictured), regular belt loop attachments, etc. Otherwise I would run a 6354DO whenever I get to an LE Agency.

    I'm in school finishing a degree, following military service so I'm buying what I can as I can afford it (hence no knife yet). Likely I'll end up with a SOG SEAL Pup unless I come across a better option at a reasonable price since, well... I'd likely be using the knife to cut material not people or animals.

    Belt: Volünd Gearworks micro battle belt V1
    Mag Pouches: HSGI Tacos
    Holster: T-Rex Arms Light bearing / RMR compatible Ragnarok
    Med Kit: Custom
    Dump Pouch: Maxpedition Rolly Poly



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  5. M80Ball

    M80Ball Newbie

    ALICE LC2 belt, Safariland 6378, and an ALICE mag pouch with an AR mag. Now to figure out how to jerry rig a Kydex pistol mag caddy to the belt with zip ties or something.

    Maybe I should upgrade my gear.
  6. Bushido5150

    Bushido5150 Newbie

    Same here. I worked for a department that allowed external load carrying vests. Only thing on my belt was my gun....it was amazing
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  7. TXLEO

    TXLEO Member


    Role is SWAT entry guy and lead breacher
    AWS Light Assaulter Belt system. left to right:

    AWS pistol mag pouches with G17 mags and Henning Group extensions
    Chem lights rubber banded to a piece of 550 on main belt
    carabiner for gloves, flex cuffs etc, non weight bearing
    AWS rifle mag pouch
    ACU pouch is a magnet for retaining breaching shotgun
    AWS dump pouch
    green climbing loop for DARC drag strap to attach to
    NAR IFAK, team SOP is visible from back for medics, I have long arms and can get it w/ either hand
    Safariland 6354DO on UBL drop w legstrap, carrying the Agency 17 blaster
    AWS tourniquet pouch with SOFT-T wide, team SOP is TQ just in front of holster on belt
    AWS GP with Streamlight Protac HL

    Been running this about a year and is the best for me so far. With the liner belt it doesn't move. A little more on the belt than i'd like but i can run no armor if necessary or just a soft IIIA and be effective. I'll probably change the climbing loop to webbing to get it closer to the belt. I hate the biner through the belt cause it digs into my back.
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  8. ajsomp

    ajsomp Newbie

    I've gone through a couple evolutions over the years. I had various belts that were similar to the HSGI sure grip which were great in the flight suit era, but when we switched to Crye, the fact that I had to put it over the belt holding up my pants annoyed me. I went on a search for a decent two belt platform that I liked. This past fall I was looking for a home rig, and going back and forth between the Ronin Tactics senshi belt or the new Gcode. I ended up getting a screaming deal on the new gcode war belt that came with two pistol mag pouches, two rifle mag pouches, a detachable IFAK and a RTI hanger. While I appreciate RTI hanger, I didn't want to use it, as I prefer my holster to have a single strap and a slight drop. I switched it out for a safariland hanger and DO holster. If I'm running this belt, it means I'm not carrying concealed. Which means I'll be wearing combat pants, so I have places for other items, like a folding blade, additional med items, flashlight,maps/admin/cell phone etc.

    While this is my personal set up, I experimented with this rig at work along with my plate carrier (which has my 152 pouch, rifle mag pouches, etc) at a range day this past Monday. What I found - it worked great. I threw on a dump pouch between the rifle mag pouch and the IFAK and got to training. If I were to run this full time, I would probably remove a rifle pouch to make room for something else. The hook and loop portion stayed firmly in place, and I never felt the belt shift like I had experienced with a double belt system. Overall, I'm extremely happy with the performance, easy of use, and KISS approach for the belt, and to have it delivered pretty much ready to go is great.
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  9. Arty_mech

    Arty_mech Newbie

    What size mrb are you running? I'm currently using a medium and don't have room for two pistol mags and two rifle mags. The way I have mine set up is two pistols and one rifle but that may change soon.
  10. Chad H/BC520

    Chad H/BC520 10-32 Solutions Moderator

    Did you take the metal components off, or did you use an adaptor?

    ALICE belts are a pain to install Safariland UBL's on to.
  11. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Member

    Looking to move on from my HSGI slimgrip but I'm invested in MOLLE pouches. I'd like something that can go over a pants belt. I saw one mention of the Tyr belt earlier and see that other companies like Ronin and Volund offer belts with thin rows of pals. Do pouches fit snug on these belts? Or does the non standard pale width allow them to slide up and down a bit?
  12. JHaddock07

    JHaddock07 Amateur

    Before I put the Maxpedition pouch on, I was running a standard MOLLE weave dump pouch and had no issues with movement or shifting. Specifically speaking to the Volünd belt, the tolerances on the material are stitched so tightly together that I cannot imagine you having an issue. If you go the Volünd route, strap in for a wait as they're made to order, but they are WELL worth the time and money in my opinion.

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  13. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Member

    Does anyone have any experience with the Advanced Warfighting Solutions belt system?
  14. colbyrupert

    colbyrupert Newbie

    I've got both a Ronin Tactics belt ( unsure of which one, it's the middle choice ) and the AWS LAB. Aside from the molle webbing on the Ronin belt they are essentially the same belt as the Ronin belt is produced by AWS. For the price, as long as you don't need a color besides black, coyote or multicam, the AWS is hard to beat. I tried the mollle webbing on the Ronin belt but I found that it caused the pouches to roll outboard from my body and cause both access issues and banged into shit much more frequently.

    The AWS on the other hand, gives you the option of their panels which are pretty slick. I picked up several when I bought the AWS and used the extras on my Ronin belt. If I were going to do it again, I'd save the money I spentt on the Ronin belt and stuck with the AWS LAB.
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  15. krax

    krax Member

    Agreed on the AWS.

    Being able to mix belt pouches and MOLLE pouches and not compromise on placement is awesome. I have zero gripes with mine after a year or so of hard use.
  16. TXLEO

    TXLEO Member

    I love my AWS set up. Several teammates use it also. Be aware, their production schedule can be slow and customer service/contact can be spotty. But the kit is quality and versatile.
  17. Beastmaster

    Beastmaster Member

    Just ordered an AWS based on your guys feedback. What's with AWS? Are they not interested in marketing at an individual level? Their products aren't making a lot of noise on forums/social media.
  18. krax

    krax Member

    They've always been small. My understanding is that they started off pre-9/11 making specialty assault ladders and some custom body armor carriers. I think .mil contracts are their bigger money maker, and they seem happy with their sales volume, but I think if someone re-did their website they'd see a boost in sales.
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  19. FOG

    FOG Newbie

    I placed an order for an AWS LAB this morning expecting a 4-5 week lead time. This evening I received FEDEX correspondence with a tracking number and a delivery date of 5/4.

    I'm optimistic yet reserved.

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  20. leozinho

    leozinho Amateur

    What color did you get and did you get the D ring version? I ordered a coyote brown LAB a couple of weeks ago and never got an email confirmation that my order even went through. Email asking about the status went unanswered, so I called. They had my order but said they were waiting on buckles to arrive in a week or two (which would be right about now).

    I don't mind since it's exactly what I was looking for, supposed to be well made, and is considerably less expensive than similar products.

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